How to start with KNX?

Ready to enjoy the full potential of a KNX smart building? 

There are different options to start with our technology, according to your level of technical knowledge.

Find a certified professional

The most common option is to get in touch with a professional for the set-up of your KNX smart building. Your professional will help you plan your smart building and define routines in every room. He’ll help you with the wiring and installation of the hard- and software. With more than 96.000 certified professionals worldwide, you will always find an KNX installer near you.

Learn the basics of our KNX technology yourself

Fancy to do-it-yourself but don’t know where to start? Learn the basics of our KNX ETS technology in our free online eCampus. 

When you successfully finish your test, you’ll receive a free voucher for your first KNX ETS software license. So that you’re all set to start with our KNX technology.

Purchase our ETS Professional

Are you a KNX-expert already? Our ETS Professional is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to take their home to the next stage of intelligence. 

The Professional edition allows you to configure all your smart devices and gives you complete ownership of your data and set-up.