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Start your KNX Development


Discover the new possibilities found in the KNX development landscape thanks to the KNX IoT specifications: the unbeatable interoperability of KNX brought to the IP world.


Free KNX  Cookbook

Would you like to get a free digital copy of the KNX Cookbook? Fill the form (only 2 questions) and you will get a voucher code to be used in MyKNX.

KNX Certified Devices

Step 1:  KNX  Specifications

The KNX Specifications cover all technical topics of the KNX Standard, from the first contact with the KNX technology, through the specification, certification rules and testing, and application descriptions.

Step 2: Development Approach

From scratch, using existing certified system components or registering already certified OEM devices from another manufacturer. What´s your choice? Find out using our Development Form. 

Step 3: Product Certification 

Show off your KNX trademark!

ETS Apps

Step 1: ETS SDK

Download the ETS SDK required for the ETS App development.

Step 2: Development

Develop the ETS App using your development framework (e.g. C# in Visual Studio). You will need the Manufacturer Code before the next step.

Step 3: Validation

It´s time to sell your ETS App in MyKNX! Register and validate your ETS App.