KNX Association supports innovative companies that want to revolutionize the home and building automation market.

The KNX startup incubator program provides resources and visibility to startup companies committed to develop KNX IoT based solutions.


11 IoT & Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

11 IoT is an IoT and Cloud Technology company based out of Pune, India. With our proprietary server technology: Infiware, we are primarily focused on making Home and Building Automation more accessible. Infiware enables the integration of several third party Automation Protocols, IoT Protocols and Audio/Video Hardware and Software to be Controlled, Monitored and Analyzed using a Single Platform (Currently available as an Android and IOS application). Additionally, we enable Virtual Assistants (Alexa, Siri, Google) allowing large scale installations to be controlled through simple voice commands.


After twenty years of experience in home automation and smart building, Can'nX has the ambition to create a range of products close to the needs of end customers. CannX’ is determined to provide integrators and installers with innovative and easy to install solutions. Can'nX wishes to combine the power of KNX and IoT in its range of products, in order to make more communicating, more interoperable, more intelligent solutions in the building: a KNX Augmented solution without limits. We are motivated to aid you in developing specific solutions on your demand, Yes We Can-nx!


KUMUX API simulates the sunlight indoors, selecting the best light settings for geolocation, all day long throughout the year in an automated way. Based on the latest scientific findings, It takes sleep-wake cycles and the activity in each kind of space into account. By regulating color temperature (warmer to cooler white) and brightness of tunable white LEDs, KUMUX circadian lighting can balance users’ inner clock, reduce the risk of sleep and metabolic disorders, and boost energy and concentration while saving up to 20% of energy.

Lonestar Automation Solutions Private Limited

Lonestar Automation Solutions is focused on developing KNX-based solutions related to the Home and Commercial automation space, based out of Cochin, India. We are part of the prestigious Startup India mission and is recognized by various bodies. With our core expertise in firmware development, IoT, and System integration, we are focussed in coming up with Hardware and related software that would boost the KNX & related API ecosystems. Our aim is to provide popular and affordable automation solutions and enable our community to experience the latest technologies around automation.

Passiv Energie Austria GmbH

Founded in 2020, Passiv Energie Austria GmbH is the branch of Passiv Energie Japan Inc. which was founded in 2010, the headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan. We provide innovative solutions in heat recovery ventilation and household ventilation system. The Hokkaido 401 fresh air heat exchanger is our most innovative ventilation system. With the Hokkaido 401, fresh air supply is guaranteed at all times, even with the windows closed. Thanks to the ingenious design, it dissipates moisture and thus prevents the dangerous formation of mold. The integrated ceramic heat accumulator achieves heat recovery of 95%, so that heating energy is retained, and heating costs are greatly reduced. With a low power consumption, the Hokkaido 401 is particularly cost-effective and energy-efficient to operate.


SIMLAB is a technology company focusing on facility digitalization and development of software toolkits for AEC industry. We create intelligent models of factories, hospitals, hotels and residential buildings based on digital 3D model of scanned facility combined with the real data from sensors installed in the building. Our main goal is to push boundaries of Smart Home technology systems and intelligent digital environments based on IoT sensors, to make it more affordable and available for masses. We want to turn ones living space into multimedia digital command center, available on computer monitor, tablet and even smartphone. SIMLAB is developing several cloud software solutions and toolkits focused on BIM, which will allow to monitor and track changes in the facility or monitor current construction progress and improvements on the construction site.


At Solaregy, our mission is to make our everyday lives more sustainable. With our product RaffSun, we combine the aspects of "sun protection" and "energy generation" in a single product. RaffSun is an external blind that generates green energy with the help of integrated photovoltaic cells. Our system aligns itself relative to the sunlight through our intelligent control system. This allows the highest level of efficiency to be achieved automatically. In addition to the alignment, our intelligent control enables automation of the external blind via KNX and provides comprehensive statistics on your system. Solaregy is based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Tenzinc Ltd.

Tenzinc is a Scottish based software and technology advisory business. Through focussing on people, purpose and place we develop novel software and hardware solutions to help a wide range of businesses minimise their energy usage and environmental footprint. Via a purpose-built platform, we ingest and diagnose client facilities data to actively reduce the need, frequency and risk associated with onsite maintenance at remote locations, developing function specific sensors to meet particular industry standards and regulatory need.


Solutions  engineered 
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KNX Startups have special deals with these service providers


Cascoda is a communications company that designs and manufactures ultra low power semiconductor radios, modules and systems for Internet of Things (IoT) communications. Cascoda’s products are unique in that they provide highly secure, reliable and scalable technology, based on the universally supported internet protocol (IPv6). The company has achieved this by driving IoT standards.

Elimo Engineering

Elimo Engineering offers electronic design services to clients. We specialise in wireless connectivity, sensors, microcontrollers and battery operated devices designed for low power consumption. Elimo has completed numerous IoT projects using combinations of these elements for clients in the recent past. We offer a turnkey service to clients, delivering completed electronic hardware and firmware designs ready for manufacture and distribution.


One Platform That Turns Your Hardware Into Services. Xyte is a first-of-its-kind Connected Device Management Platform (CDMP) – an integrated solution that allows hardware manufacturers to manage, service, and commercialize their connected devices, all in one place.