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Nos membres sont des fabricants actifs dans tous les domaines d'application du contrôle de maisons et de bâtiments, allant de l'éclairage au contrôle des stores, en passant par le chauffage, la ventilation, la climatisation, la surveillance, les alarmes, le contrôle de l'eau, la gestion énergétique, les solutions IoT, les ETS Apps, la métrologie ainsi que les appareils ménagers, audio et bien d'autres.

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  • [mn]medianet Bernhard Hnida Am Taubhaus 29 63303 Dreieich Germany
    Phone: +49.6103697784 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

    [mn] medianet is one of the most experienced and competent partners in the field of building automation and bus systems worldwide. Not many manufacturers can point to a comparably successful past in the field of building automation. In 1996 [mn] medianet started to develop its own bus system and to develop new and unique products for it. These unique products are now being made compatible to the KNX standard and thus made accessible to the large KNX community. Put your trust in [mn] medianet products because they are based on more than 20 years of experience in major international projects. The variety of original products will inspire you and will beneficially complement your KNX product portfolio.
  • 1Home Solutions GmbH Dejan Bukovnik Friedrichstrasse 114 A 10117 Berlin Germany
    Phone: +49.1626666650 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

    Voxior connects KNX with various smart home assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, ...) and integrates IoT devices natively to KNX making smart homes even smarter. We started with bringing the Voice interface to KNX without any additional hardware needed – a seamless setup without any programming changes on the Smart Home server accompanied by continuous updates of new features and 24/7 support in multiple languages. With Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant already onboard, and Apple Siri launching soon, we are now working on solutions beyond Voice control. We are taking IoT integrations in Premium Smart Homes to the next level. Users will soon be able to effortlessly integrate IoT devices as if they were connected to the bus.
  • 3domotic Global Systems, S.L. Jordi Sayrach Enric Granados 153, Pral Bis - 1 08008 Barcelona Spain
    Phone: +34.610991993 Email: send e-mail Link to map

  • 3R Artem Budzinskiy 1st Varshavskiy Drive 2, b. 12 115201 Moscow Russian Federation
    Phone: +7.9895815289 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

    A young company of KNX enthusiasts, working as KNX installers and KNX product representatives for more than 14 years, willing to develop and produce custom KNX devices with our own view, taste and feel.
  • 4ba GmbH Oliver Herrmann Am Roten Stein 9A 35216 Biedenkopf Germany
    Phone: +49.6461980440 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

    OEM-Developer of Homeautomation-Software with KNX-connectivity for more than 20 years.
  • AA Company Limited ShengSong Zhang Feidiao International Building, No. 1065 Zhaojiabang Room 1301 200030 ShangHai China
    Phone: +86.2153017233 Email: send e-mail Link to map

    We are a manufacturer of hardware equipment such as intelligent IoT platforms and professional gateways. Provide and meet the technical needs of customers in vertical markets with solutions, including but not limited to government, commerce, hotels, home furnishing, education, broadcasting, healthcare, retail, sports venues, theme parks, private transportation, and network operation centers.
  • ABB France Serge Le Men rue Paul Gauguin 33 31100 Toulouse France
    Phone: +33.561151845 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

    NEWRON SYSTEM was created in 1993. For more than 15 years now, the company has been specializing in software tools. They put all the fi eld expertise into reducing integration costs and maximizing the reliability of their software suite: NLSUITE. Their goal is to simplify integration, and thereby reduce integration time. They provide a complete range of software to install, maintain and supervise networks. The company is renowned on the market for their technical knowledge and the vision of their software tools, and they are becoming one of the market leaders in Europe.
  • ABB LV Installation Materials Company Limited, Beijing Yuwei Dai Kangding Street No. 17 100176 Beijing China
    Phone: +86.1058085086 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

    ABB LV Installation Materials Co., Ltd. Beijing, is one of ABB’s four businesses making low-voltage products in China. The company was established in November 1994. Building on core technologies introduced from ABB in Germany, Italy, French, and Sweden, the company now produces Enclosure & DIN-Rail products and Electrical Wiring Accessories (EWA), etc. Sharing ABB’s 100 years of experience in electrical apparatus, ABB LV Installation Materials Co., Ltd. Beijing, implements the advanced technology and pioneering spirit of ABB to focus on product localization and pursuing leadership in every detail. It has created a complete range of high-quality low-voltage products for the Chinese market, which have found wide applications in both rural and urban building, industries and utilities.
  • ABB S.p.A. Marco Simonella Via delle Industrie 18 20010 Vittuone Italy
    Phone: +39.35395269 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

  • ABB Schweiz Ltd. Tudor Baiatu Fulachstrasse 150 8201 Schaffhausen Switzerland
    Phone: +41 58/5864566 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

  • ABB Stotz-Kontakt GmbH Alexander Maier Eppelheimer Straße 82 69123 Heidelberg Germany
    Phone: +49.6221701777 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

  • ABB Xiamen Smart Technology Co., Ltd. Sylvia Wang FangShanXiEr Road No.881 361000 Xiamen China
    Phone: +86.5927616016 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

    ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a pioneering technology leader with a comprehensive offering for digital industries. With a history of innovation spanning more than 130 years, ABB is today a leader in digital industries with four customer-focused, globally leading businesses: Electrification, Industrial Automation, Motion, and Robotics & Discrete Automation, supported by its common ABB Ability digital platform. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with about 147,000 employees.
  • ABEGO s.c. Radoslaw Czeczotka Rafal Socha Radoslaw Czeczotka Jabloniowa 20/210 80-175 Gdansk Poland
    Phone: +48.604094604 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

    ABEGO is an innovative start-up company of new technologies, created to provide smart home solutions, especially according to KNX standards. It's activities are focused on development of 3 types of devices. Most important are wall switches. As a second area of their interests appear gateways between KNX system and other home automation standards. Third type of devices is a wide range of unusual executive devices. Aesthetic design and new functionalities are the most important goals for ABEGO. There are two crutial elements whitch guarantee design success of ABEGO products - over 20 years of home & building installations experience and electronics assembly & design of company's founders.
  • ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG Uwe Geiger Linker Kreuthweg 5 86444 Affing Germany
    Phone: +49 8207/95990-212 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

    ABUS Security-Center is a manufacturer of innovative alarm and video surveillance systems. For the company, the development of particularly user-friendly and holistic security products has priority. The target is the fusion of mechanics, electronics, alarm and video. The integration of the KNX technology into the range of wireless and wired alarm systems sets new standards and allows KNX users to extend their existing KNX systems with high-end ABUS products.
  • Accordia sa Maria Milona Pentalofos / POBox 10229 00 54500 Thessaloniki Greece
    Phone: +30.2310787202 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

    Accordia (formerly Biokal) designs and manufactures high quality communication cables. For almost half a century we have been earning the trust of engineers, specifiers, system integrators and installers by producing with absolute precision the proper cables for flowless signal transmission in television, data, audio and video transmission networks, smart buildings, security and fire alarm systems and every cabling installation that requires fidelity, durability and reliability.
  • Acematic Intelligence Co.,Ltd kun huang No. 23, Jinqu Road, Wanjiang Street 501 523000 Dongguan China
    Phone: +86.76923388066 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

    Acematic Intelligent Co.,Ltd provides all-round, high-performance, intelligent and digital network based smart terminal solutions for different levels of demands from different types of customers. Our products include: I Cloud platform, intelligent community solutions; I IOT sensing devices and smart home solutions; I HD audio and video solutions and building visitors management system. Acematic Intelligent Co.,Ltd is committed to bringing customer more safe, comfortable, convenient and energy efficient intelligent lifestyle in the future with home, hotel and commercial building overall solutions.
  • Advancis Software & Services GmbH Lars Waldow Monzastraße 1 63225 Langen Germany
    Phone: +49.6103807350 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

    More than 1,000 installations realized in most diverse application areas, local representations worldwide and numerous certified integration partners make Advancis one of the international market leaders in the field of vendor-neutral PSIM (Physical Security Information Management). Founded in 1994, the company was pioneering with regard to cross-domain security management. From the very start, independence and vendor-neutrality have been the key advantages of the WinGuard system, as it integrates the total security, building, communication and IT infrastructure.
  • Agentilo GmbH Andreas Espen Eisenbahnstraße 68 67655 Kaiserslautern Germany
    Phone: +49.63192083910 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

    Agentilo GmbH is an independent software company in the fields of building automation and remote monitoring and control. Since 25 years, Agentilo develops software on behalf of well-known companies, from controller and gateway programming up to web services, cloud solutions, including ETS apps and much more. From its work for the KNX association and other clients, Agentilo has gained deep knowledge of the KNX technology. Furthermore Agentilo develops the Agentilo Mobile software as its own product. Agentilo Mobile is a modular framework with applications for visualization, security and control, which can be extended with scripts. The front-end of the system is optimized for iOS and Android, smart phones and tablets, but can also be used with modern web browsers in general. The Agentilo Cloud supplements Agentilo Mobile with a secured web portal, which connects multiple on-site Agentilo Mobile installations as a main centre, for example chain stores or facilities of a community. Agentilo has a strong interest into client-server and web applications, including the new KNX web services and other web technologies.
  • AGFEO GmbH & Co. KG Michael Boelke Gaswerkstrasse 8 33647 Bielefeld Germany
    Phone: +49 521/447090 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

    As a development center and manufacturer of intelligent telecommunications products, AGFEO is one of the leading players on the European ISDN market. Top product quality, user-oriented thinking and close, productive cooperation with customers and employees have been the watchwords for the company’s success for more than 50 years. The company is located in Bielefeld, Germany and has just shown its first KNX development at the recent CEBIT Fair.
  • AIB Technology Co., Ltd. Wanchaloem Chaiphrom Siriporn 8 499/35 50210 San Sai, Chiang Mai Thailand
    Phone: +66.954867417 Site Web: Email: send e-mail Link to map

    Our company focus today is a simple idea: a home that knows what to do. AIB Technology Co., Ltd. is an international and multicultural team. Our co-workers are dynamics experts and passionate of industrial design, mechanical design, electronic design, innovation, and above all else of automation systems, connected- and smart objects. Positioning itself as one of Asian company in the IoT (Internet of Things) and Consumer Electronics, we strongly believe in interoperability between products from different manufacturers and with different applications. For more than 3 years now, we’ve been focusing on providing state of the art, innovative and high-tech products, to offer an interoperable Home Automation / Smart Building ecosystem, where all the devices can talk to each other, and work with each other. Our concern is to give the most seamless experience to the end user.