12. Sep 2023

KNX Hackathon finalists nominated

KNX Hackathon finalists nominated
KNX Hackathon finalists nominated

Earlier this year, the KNX Community had the chance to enter their projects for the KNX Hackathon. KNX Hackathon 2023 focuses on sustainability, with the aim of motivating people to create ideas to enable a more sustainable world. Entries had to show how KNX could be used to create solutions for smart homes that improve people’s lives and impact the planet in a positive way, making societies more sustainable.

Several teams assembled to increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint with KNX smart home and building solutions. The criteria for choosing the 5 finalists was based on how KNX solutions or KNX projects help to reduce the use of energy as well as their carbon footprint.

All finalists will have the chance to explain how their solution or project contributes to a more sustainable world. The 5 finalists are:

More extensive case articles will be released for all finalists very soon. Make sure you don’t miss their presentations of their projects on 26 September, 12:20 CEST during KNXperience 2023, our online trade show and conference.

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