16.06.2021   KNX A/V Integration Online Conference Review

KNX A/V Integration Online Conference Review

On 8 & 9 June 2021, the KNX AV Integration Conference successfully took place. As the worldwide STANDARD for Home and Building Control, KNX dominates the integration of any application into a simple, connected and secure smart home/building. Not only products within the KNX system, but also other systems which are not typically KNX. And this event's focus is on the AV and KNX integration.

The following summarizes the presentations at the event.

Keynote: KNX Futureproofing Technology for a Sustainable World - Watch here -

Integrating different applications is what KNX does best, and this ability has made KNX the worlds' favorite standard. In today's world, where digital transformation is changing everything, KNX is constantly managing its own evolution, to maintain its leading global position as a futureproof technology for a sustainable world.

Panel: The State of AV in the Smart Built Environment - Watch here -

KNX and AV both live in the built environment, an environment that changed rapidly in the last few years as it embraces digitalization and an IP backbone. In this executive panel, leaders in the AV community will discuss the impact of those changes and how technology has brought KNX and AV even closer together.

KNX IQ- the KNX Stand Alone Panel for every application - Watch here -

The cost-effective yet powerful entry into the world of KNX building visualization. The KNX IQ manages and controls your electrical installation. It is a Stand Alone Panel, through which the entire visualization of the apartment can be displayed. But not only apartments are entirely displayed on its 8" capacitive touch display - the KNX IQ gives you the control over media rooms, presentation rooms, restaurants and company buildings. The touch panel is an on-wall mounted device that can be installed in many existing mounting boxes (retrofit) and protrudes only slightly out of the wall.

Busch-ControlTouch - KNX and SONOS - Watch here -

We are going to provide you an overview of the Busch-ControlTouch KNX with a focus on its audio applications. It is a visualisation server for mobile end devices (iOS and Android) and Window computers. Not only to visualise and control your complete KNX installation but also a built-in SONOS bridge with a complete integration of SONOS sound system. The SONOS-API is implemented into the Busch-ControlTouch KNX and this gives it the certificate "Works with SONOS". In addition, you get an insight into other functions, such as the integration of IP cameras, Philips HUE, sending of alarm messages via push notification and email, ...

Example audio functions with KNX devices:

  • Control SONOS audio speaker (e.g. play, volume, select playlist)
  • Create speaker groups
  • Text-to-speech

Gira KNX product news - Watch here -

In this session, the Gira expert presents everything you need to know about the new KNX products from Gira. This includes the new Gira push button sensor 4, Gira KNX push button, the new actuators as well as KNX secure.

Using Offline Voice Control for AV Solutions - Watch here -

In addition to maintaining privacy, the offline voice assistant ARAGON has the advantage that it works independently of Internet servers and thus impresses with its higher availability. Since there are no silent updates, the integrator can keep his back free from problems that suddenly arise for the customer. When using one of the KNX visualization servers supported by ARAGON, the KNX installation is read out automatically and can be used without any further configuration work. The installed multi-room system SONOS is also recognized automatically and can be used immediately. Further on there are templates to enable integration of TV using "NodeRed". ARAGON is available as flush-mounted unit for a switch box or as a WiFi table unit.

Panel: Why KNX and AV are the Perfect Match - Watch here -

In this experienced panel discussion on KNX for AV control, we will present an overview of the KNX AV integration process, providing hints for better integration.

KNX & AV Integration - An Overview - Watch here -

In this 30 min session, we will look at the differences between AV and KNX solutions, what the benefits are of integrating the two and briefly look at some practical examples of how to integrate the two.

Smart Home: AV Integrated with KNX - Watch here -

In this presentation, we will introduce you to Control4, an international leading manufacturer of AV solutions, and how AV can be integrated into KNX. We will present our concept about "My home is my castle: helpful, personal, secure and private", then our easy-to-use Smart Home Operating System (Smart Home OS) and show you how much more you can offer with Control4 to your customers.

Basalte Home: the benefits of a native KNX AV integration - Watch here -

Integrating AV-Applications into KNX - Watch here -

For integrating non-KNX applications into the KNX system Weinzierl has developed the KNX BAOS architecture. A broad range of KNX modules and gateways allow manufacturers to add KNX connectivity to their products. The session explains the KNX BAOS architecture and gives an overview of the development process starting from selection of technology via ETS integration up to KNX certification.

ise gateways for multimedia with KNX - Watch here -

Introduction of ISE gateways for KNX AV Integration:


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