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Our members are manufacturers from all application areas of Home & Building Control ranging from lighting, shutter control to security, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarming, water control, energy management, IoT Solutions, ETS Apps,  metering, as well as household appliances, audio and lots more.

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  • 3Atel S.A. Roberto Fernandez M.D. Bellvitge 36 1° 1 08907 Barcelona Spain
    Phone: +34 9326/41390 Fax: +34 9326/32325 Website: Link to map

  • 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH Dieter Hess Memminger Strasse 151 87439 Kempten Germany
    Phone: +49.831540310 Fax: +49.8315403150 Website: Link to map

    High expertise in software development and innovative technical concepts - that is what 3S-Smart Software Solutions, the company behind CODESYS stands for. Users and device manufacturers value to the company\'s many years of experience in all areas of automation technology as well as the open and authentic corporate communication.
  • Aartesys AG Wolfgang Kormann Bahnhofplatz 7 2501 Biel-Bienne Switzerland
    Phone: +41.323273535 Fax: +41.323273530 Website: Link to map

    Aartesys develops products and services in the field of communications technology. It focuses on IP solutions for secure access and transfer of information in the field of IoT (Internet of Things). The latest innovation is the launch of their system Aartesys connect2control (C2C): EasyGateways®, C2C hub and a portal to allow secure remote access in worldwide installed control systems, buildings and machinery. The Easy Gateway and C2C remote programming of the KNX installation via mobile phone or DSL connection is made possible in an easy way. No VPN, no fixed IP addresses, no special firewall settings, but the end-to-end encrypted and transmitted with https protocol.
  • ABB France Serge Le Men rue Paul Gauguin 33 31100 Toulouse France
    Phone: +33.561151845 Fax: +33.561151644 Website: Link to map

    NEWRON SYSTEM was created in 1993. For more than 15 years now, the company has been specializing in software tools. They put all the fi eld expertise into reducing integration costs and maximizing the reliability of their software suite: NLSUITE. Their goal is to simplify integration, and thereby reduce integration time. They provide a complete range of software to install, maintain and supervise networks. The company is renowned on the market for their technical knowledge and the vision of their software tools, and they are becoming one of the market leaders in Europe.
  • ABB LV Installation Materials Company Limited, Beijing Yuwei Dai Kangding Street No. 17 100176 Beijing China
    Phone: +86.1058085086 Fax: +86.1058085288 Website: Link to map

    ABB LV Installation Materials Co., Ltd. Beijing, is one of ABB’s four businesses making low-voltage products in China. The company was established in November 1994. Building on core technologies introduced from ABB in Germany, Italy, French, and Sweden, the company now produces Enclosure & DIN-Rail products and Electrical Wiring Accessories (EWA), etc. Sharing ABB’s 100 years of experience in electrical apparatus, ABB LV Installation Materials Co., Ltd. Beijing, implements the advanced technology and pioneering spirit of ABB to focus on product localization and pursuing leadership in every detail. It has created a complete range of high-quality low-voltage products for the Chinese market, which have found wide applications in both rural and urban building, industries and utilities.
  • ABB Oy, Drives Vassili Jung Hiomotie 13 00380 Helsinki Finland
    Phone: +358 1/02211 Fax: +358 1/02222681 Website: Link to map

    ABB is represented in over 100 countries with more than 100,000 employees. ABB benefits from over 25 years of experience in intelligent building control systems. ABB develops, produces and sells a complete range of innovative products for building installation. ABB plays a leading role in the KNX Association. ABB\'s products are conform to the international KNX standard, the leading technology worldwide for intelligent building control. ABB Oy, located In Helsinki, is manufacturing and selling e.g. drives for HVAC applications and offers a complete portfolio of solar inverters from small transformerless single phase string inverters up to hundreds of kilowatts transformerless central inverters. The revenues of ABB Oy are 2.2 billion euros and the company employs more than 6,000 people.
  • ABB S.p.A. Francesco Mennucci Via delle Industrie 18 20010 Vittuone Italy
    Phone: +39 35/395269 Website: Link to map

  • ABB Schweiz Ltd. Tudor Baiatu Fulachstrasse 150 8201 Schaffhausen Switzerland
    Phone: +41 58/5864566 Fax: +41 58/5864313 Website: Link to map

  • ABB Stotz-Kontakt GmbH Harald Horst Eppelheimer Straße 82 69123 Heidelberg Germany
    Phone: +49.62217011234 Fax: +49.6221701630 Website: Link to map

    Phone: +48.608460580 Website: Link to map

    ABEGO is an innovative start-up company of new technologies, created to provide smart home solutions, especially according to KNX standards. It\'s activities are focused on development of 3 types of devices. Most important are wall switches. As a second area of their interests appear gateways between KNX system and other home automation standards. Third type of devices is a wide range of unusual executive devices. Aesthetic design and new functionalities are the most important goals for ABEGO. There are two crutial elements whitch guarantee design success of ABEGO products - over 20 years of home & building installations experience and electronics assembly & design of company\'s founders.
  • ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG Uwe Geiger Linker Kreuthweg 5 86444 Affing Germany
    Phone: +49 8207/95990-212 Fax: +49 8207/95990-140 Website: Link to map

    ABUS Security-Center is a manufacturer of innovative alarm and video surveillance systems. For the company, the development of particularly user-friendly and holistic security products has priority. The target is the fusion of mechanics, electronics, alarm and video. The integration of the KNX technology into the range of wireless and wired alarm systems sets new standards and allows KNX users to extend their existing KNX systems with high-end ABUS products.
  • Acematic Intelligence Co.,Ltd kun huang NO.1 Huangjin Road 619 Nancheng Dongguan China
    Phone: +86.76923388068 Fax: +86.76923388065 Website: Link to map

    Acematic Intelligent Co.,Ltd provides all-round, high-performance, intelligent and digital network-based smart terminal solutions for different levels of demands from different types of customers. Their products include: Cloud platform, intelligent community solutions; IoT sensing devices and smart home solutions; HD Audio and Video solutions and building visitors management systems. Acematic Intelligent Co.,Ltd is committed to bringing customer more safe, comfortable, convenient and energy efficient intelligent lifestyle in the future with overall home, hotel and commercial building solutions.
  • Acotel Engineering and Manufacturing (AEM) SpA Carlo Alberto Marchi Via della Valle dei Fontanili 29 00168 Roma Italy
    Phone: +39.0661141000 Fax: +39.066149936 Website: Link to map

    AEM designs, develops and delivers systems and solutions that integrate all aspects of security and access control in a single architecture. Building protection is addressed via an integrated approach, one that allows building a complete facility management solution. Solutions for several application fields are offered: • video surveillance • access control (staff and visitors) • monitoring & control AEM designs and manufactures hardware products that are used together with online services developed by Acotel S.p.A., the holding company.
  • ACX GmbH Edgar Liebold Äußere Zwickauer Str. 8 08064 Zwickau Germany
    Phone: +49 375/786073 Fax: +49 375/786068 Website: Link to map

    ACX GmbH is a company based in Lichtenstein (Saxony) and Zwickau. The company was founded in 2008. They stand for quality and commitment in the development and certification of advanced software solutions and products. They are a provider of software and hardware solutions that are tailored to customer requirements. Noteworthy is their development experience and innovation. Through several years of experience their employees have expertise in: • development and approval of motor controls • development and approval of tools for monitoring and parameterization of motor controls • automation of devices, systems and equipment • control systems for intelligent buildings and building automation • Software Engineering for the monitoring and management of operational data • electronics and software modules for embedded systems
  • Adiutec AG Rony Müller Merkurstrasse 45 8032 Zurich Switzerland
    Phone: +41 44/4192590 Fax: +41 44/4192589 Website: Link to map

    Adiutec AG is a specialist service provider for manufacturers and planners in building automation. The interdisciplinary team with years of experience in the industry offers extensive know-how and instant capacity expansion. • Market research (qualitative / quantitative surveys) • Usability and Requirements Engineering (Load and specifications) • Coaching and Project Support • Development services with BACnet, KNX, etc. • Training Due to the specific knowledge in room and building automation, Adiutec AG not only assists manufacturers, but also professional planners with demanding projects tasks such as design, tendering and expertise. This results in a unique proximity to the market, which benefits both manufacturers and designers. Adituec AG is a member of key industry associations and is actively involved in training at various colleges.
  • Advanced Devices Limited Chichen Bao Kings Road 663 na Hongkong China - Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    Phone: +86.13918079246 Website: Link to map

    Advanced Devices Co., Ltd. is a foreign-funded high-tech enterprises engaged in intelligent automation control, bringing innovative technologies and solutions to China and Asia. Having outstanding engineering team proficient in software, hardware and product designs, Advanced Devices is focused on building automation and intelligent home solutions, such as lighting control and temperature control. All nodes in the system are Germany EnOcean-based wireless, battery-less devices, which gives the flexibility and simplicity at construction end.
  • Advancis Software & Services GmbH Lars Waldow Monzastraße 1 63225 Langen Germany
    Phone: +49.6103807350 Website: Link to map

    More than 1,000 installations realized in most diverse application areas, local representations worldwide and numerous certified integration partners make Advancis one of the international market leaders in the field of vendor-neutral PSIM (Physical Security Information Management). Founded in 1994, the company was pioneering with regard to cross-domain security management. From the very start, independence and vendor-neutrality have been the key advantages of the WinGuard system, as it integrates the total security, building, communication and IT infrastructure.
  • AFG Arbonia Forster Riesa GmbH Peter Weigl Heinrich-Schonberg-Straße 3 01591 Riesa Germany
    Phone: +49 35257460 Fax: +49 3525746122 Website: Link to map

  • Agentilo GmbH Andreas Espen Luxemburger Straße 7 67657 Kaiserslautern Germany
    Phone: +49 631/3032000 Fax: +49 631/3032009 Website: Link to map

    Agentilo GmbH is an independent software company in the fields of building automation and remote monitoring and control. Since 25 years, Agentilo develops software on behalf of well-known companies, from controller and gateway programming up to web services, cloud solutions, including ETS apps and much more. From its work for the KNX association and other clients, Agentilo has gained deep knowledge of the KNX technology. Furthermore Agentilo develops the Agentilo Mobile software as its own product. Agentilo Mobile is a modular framework with applications for visualization, security and control, which can be extended with scripts. The front-end of the system is optimized for iOS and Android, smart phones and tablets, but can also be used with modern web browsers in general. The Agentilo Cloud supplements Agentilo Mobile with a secured web portal, which connects multiple on-site Agentilo Mobile installations as a main centre, for example chain stores or facilities of a community. Agentilo has a strong interest into client-server and web applications, including the new KNX web services and other web technologies.
  • AGFEO GmbH & Co. KG Michael Boelke Gaswerkstrasse 8 33647 Bielefeld Germany
    Phone: +49 521/447090 Fax: +49 521/4470950 Website: Link to map

    As a development center and manufacturer of intelligent telecommunications products, AGFEO is one of the leading players on the European ISDN market. Top product quality, user-oriented thinking and close, productive cooperation with customers and employees have been the watchwords for the company’s success for more than 50 years. The company is located in Bielefeld, Germany and has just shown its first KNX development at the recent CEBIT Fair.
  • Airmaster A/S Lars Sylvest Vestergaard Industrivej 59 9600 Aars Denmark
    Phone: +45 98624822 Fax: +45 98625777 Website: Link to map

    Airmaster A/S is a Danish company which offers decentralized heat recovery ventilation solutions for schools and institutions, offices and conference facilities. Since its establishment in 1991, the company has focused on decentralized heat recovery ventilation. The decentralized concept makes it possible to place the ventilation systems in only the rooms which need ventilation. Via building control the decentralized ventilation units can be directed centrally, which provides their customers with the unique advantages of having decentralized units together with central control.
  • Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG Martin Herms Volmestraße 1 58579 Schalksmühle Germany
    Phone: +49 2355/806154 Fax: +49 2355/806202 Website: Link to map

  • Alexander Bürkle GmbH & Co. KG Ralf Glink Robert-Bunsen Str. 5 79108 Freiburg Germany
    Phone: +49 76151060 Fax: +49 76151060 Website: Link to map

    The company Alexander Bürkle stands out as electrical wholesalers with millions of innovative technical products and numerous matching services for people who appreciate modern building technology and want individual solutions implemented in their homes. terminal® is their planning tool for building a self-developed software for electrical contractors. It can also help craftsmen, architects and planners with an uncomplicated planning of KNX. Multimedia systems, antenna technology and networks are set up within the shortest time. Professionals have with terminal the perfect tool to plan and network all the desired devices and necessary technical functions at the end customers’ home.
  • Alexander Maier GmbH Rene Rieck Beckstrasse 3 69412 Eberbach Germany
    Phone: +49.6271919470 Fax: +49.6271919479 Website: Link to map

    Established in 1996 in Eberbach near Heidelberg, Alexander Maier GmbH has developed into an innovative, high-performance company. The company’s business focus lies in the visualisation area based on different bus systems and communication interfaces of the building automation systems. Portfolio Competence is our strength. In the long company history Alexander Maier GmbH can look back on copious innovative projects and developments. Numerous of the world\'s largest projects in building automation technology were realised with our support. With these system solutions our customers can also rely on a competent partner in terms of software, hardware and support. In order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we have established an internal tracking and monitoring system, which ensures premium quality, on-time delivery and optimum efficiency.
  • Algodue Elettronica srl Laura Platini Via Piero Gobetti 16/F 28014 Maggiora (NO) Italy
    Phone: +39-0322-89864 Fax: +39-0322-89871 Website: Link to map

    3E is oriented toward supplying solutions for energy savings, modular devices for measurement and consumption control, power quality analyzers for energy monitoring in industrial field, communication devices based on standard protocols and network software for management of data acquisition. The activities related to the KNX world are a KNX communication module combined to the single and three-phase energy counters.
  • Altenburger Electronic GmbH Mario Bürkle Schloßweg 5 77956 Seelbach Germany
    Phone: +49 7823/50911 Fax: +49 7823/50997 Website: Link to map

    Altenburger Electronic GmbH, founded in 1965, is a global manufacturer of analog, digital, KNX and DALI lighting controls, as well as of AQStation wireless systems for building automation.
  • Altra Corporacion Empresarial S.L. Luis Martin C/ Marie Curie 21 29590 Campanillas Málaga Spain
    Phone: +34 902/400445 Fax: +34 902/400446 Website: Link to map

    Over a decade has gone by since AirzoneAltra Corporacion first detected that duct-based air-conditioning was suffering from major limitations: The lack of temperature control in each area reduced comfort whilst unnecessarily increasing energy costs. The response was a new concept in home climate control: zoning, a system that assures the ideal temperature in every room in the home. Since then, Altra Corporacion has researched and developed advanced climate-control systems to assure home comfort and savings. They have the technical and human resources to develop not only the Hardware and Software, but also the machinery required to produce the products and services that the market wants. Their R&D&i department also develops our own equipment for their manufacturing processes.
  • Alzinger & Vogel Softwareentwicklung GmbH Markus Vogel Westring 18 92366 Hohenfels Germany
    Phone: +49 9472/9112-0 Fax: +49 9472/9112-10 Website: Link to map

    Alzinger & Vogel Softwareentwicklungs GmbH is an innovative software company with over 15 years of experience and offers individual consulting and software development, tailored to customer needs. Alzinger & Vogel Softwareentwicklungs GmbH specializes in: Solutions for control tasks in testing and manufacturing facilities, consulting and customization of the EDS system CADIM and consulting and development for custom software. AVS GmbH also focuses on the exact implementation of customer requirements and ensuring high quality of their developed software. Customers are accompanied and supported, starting with the problem analysis, followed by evaluation of possible solutions, system design and implementation, and ending with the commissioning, following the successful Going Live Concept.
  • Amaisys Technologies S.L.U Vanessa Lamata C/Entenza 95 5a Planta 08015 Barcelona Spain
    Phone: +34.932153195 Fax: +34.932154264 Website: Link to map

  • ambiHome GmbH Roman Wienert Theaterstr. 19 52062 Aachen Germany
    Phone: +49 241/5380948-0 Fax: +49 241/5380948-9 Website: Link to map

  • AMC Datensysteme GmbH Bernd Brachmaier Siemensallee 84 76187 Karlsruhe Germany
    Phone: +49.7219861590 Fax: +49.72198615921 Website: Link to map

    AMC Datensysteme GmbH was founded in 1999 and specialises in the development of human-machine interface (HMI) software systems for monitoring, controlling and visualisation of technical processes in industrial and building automation. This includes the connection between the software underlying automation systems for the efficient acquisition, processing and visualisation of process data in scalable, secure and highly available distributed systems, as well as the development of software for a user-friendly and ergonomic control of machines and devices. This includes in particular the development of building management systems and building control systems based on KNX. The company conducts research and development in these areas and is therefore able to create innovative, technically advanced and high-engineered solutions.
  • Apricum d.o.o. Olivera Tomic Mazuraniceva 4 21312 Podstrana Croatia
    Phone: +385 21/507600 Fax: +385 21/507606 Website: Link to map

    Apricum d.o.o. was founded in 2004 in Podstrana, Croatia as the authorized Dallmeier Electronic Branch Office for South East Europe. In close cooperation with their partner company TAPKO TECHNOLOGIES GmbH Apricum, d.o.o. today offers everything from product definition for development to manufacturing of electronic components. Their focus is in the range of KNX-based building automation. As part of their activities, a KNX training center was also established. To promote the acceptance of KNX in this latitude, they provide support for consulting and design of buildings which are equipped with KNX. Since April 2010 they have been a member of KNX Association and the first manufacturing plant of KNX products in Croatia.
  • APT GmbH Malte-E. Stahnke Am Klaepenberg 5 29553 Bienenbüttel Germany
    Phone: +49 5823/980115 Fax: +49 5823/980150 Website: Link to map

    The APT GmbH Automation und Produktionstechnik from Bienenbüttel develops and manufactures electronic components, customer specific devices and systems; starting from bidding documents to feasibility studies, requirement specifications, development / construction, commissioning, final inspection and series production. A range of standardized components are manufactured aside from customized systems. A significant area is the development and manufacturing of KNX products (control components for building controls systems). All areas within the company comply with current standards and the company was certified to ISO 9001 in August 1997.
  • ARCOM Anne Pillot ZAC de La Loyère 71530 Fragnes La Loyère France
    Phone: +33.385427788 Fax: +33.385422666 Website: Link to map

    Arcom is a high-growth SME focused on innovation in energy management and automation solutions in order to contribute even more to environment commitment. Arcom has 30 years of experience in management of interconnected automatisms. Arcom works in the following areas: automatism and control, BMS, home automation, public lighting management and multi-fields integration. Their customers are integrators through their own network, electrical and HVAC Installers, industrials and manufacturers, communities. Arcom will use the KNX protocol to develop a new range of BMS controllers and accessories products.
  • arcus-eds GmbH Hjalmar Havers Rigaer Str. 88 10247 Berlin Germany
    Phone: +49 30/25933913 Fax: +49 30/25933915 Website: Link to map

    This hard- and software development company from Berlin has existed for two and half years. The Arcus-EDS GmbH offers services for product development of circuit design, prototype manufacturing, commissioning and supervision of series production. Since about a year ago, the company has been developing and manufacturing products under their own brand. Displays, sensors and other products for KNX systems are produced and distributed through OEM partner.
  • Ardomus Networks Corporation Richard Yu No. 6 Innovation Road II, Science Park 30076 Hsinchu Taiwan
    Phone: +886.35780158 Website: Link to map

    Ardomus Networks Corporation is a startup company that focuses on IoT connectivity technology development. Affiliate Company: Zyxel communications corporation Business Activities: Design Development, Manufacturer Business Products: Broadband, Communications, Community Networks & Networked Home, Computer/Network Hardware, Data Networking, Home Automation, Home Networking, Internet of Things (IoT), Protocols/Standards, Research & Development, Residential Gateways, Software Development, Wireless Data Networking
  • Artman Smart Energy Solutions Zeinab Oliaei Raad Alley, Yaser Threeway, Niavaran No. 9 1647718566 Tehran Iran, Islamic Republic of
    Phone: +98.2126148258 Fax: +98.2189778348 Website: Link to map

    Artman Dev. is a branch of Artman Smart energy Solutions focusing on KNX Devices and Apps developing. Our first core of R&D is founded in 2011 consisting of Electronics, IT, Computer and Smart Grid experts. The company will develop KNX devices for special purposes and global solutions. Also Artman will introduce new ETS apps for professionals.
  • Astrum Teknoloji Ltd. Sti. Koray Duran İkbal cad. Dinç sok. Ümraniye No.10/1 34774 Istanbul Turkey
    Phone: +90.2165941884 Website: Link to map

    ASTRUM is a global company that mainly focused on home & building automation systems.   We o­ffer smart home/building servers, touch panels, IP intercom solutions, hvac gateways/management systems. All hardware-software solutions are in-house. We create complete system solutions for global standard BMS protocols with supporting wide-range of third-party systems and devices. Lighting, HVAC, intercom, entertainment, and security systems all work seamlessly together.   We desire to design and produce the finest quality products with various possibility of connectivity and integration. Lean thinking methodology and principles are adopted in every aspect of our production line.   Our mission is to create innovative solutions which will make us a well-known global brand and leading provider of home & building automation solutions.
  • ATEN International Co., Ltd. Fan Chen 3F., No. 125, Sec. 2, Datong Rd., Sijhih District 221 New Taipei City Taiwan
    Phone: +886 286926789 Fax: +886 286926937 Website: Link to map

    ATEN International has been a reputable provider of IT connectivity and management solutions among IT Infrastructure access management (KVM), Professional Audio/Video, and Energy Intelligence Power & Cooling Distribution System markets for over 35 years. ATEN would like to provide KNX connectivity for further control and communication service.
  • Atrina Building Automation Co. Ltd Habibollah Niknami West Hekmat St , Andarzgoo Blvd , Farmanieh No 90 ,Unit2 1938853461 Tehran Iran, Islamic Republic of
    Phone: +98.2122208207 Fax: +98.2122694679 Website: Link to map

    Atrina consulting building automation company as a member of Atrina engineering group with one decay experience of own engineers were established in 2011. This company is one of Iranian pioneer companies in field of infrastructure, integration, and building automation. Atrina as a professional consultant in field of building automation could gain a strong resume by offering reasonable solution in related projects, and it created a powerful credit for the company to have effective relations in Iran. Also this company is strongly active in case of research and training of students and engineers by translate, compilation, and publication of automation special books. Atrina Company is known as producer/manufacture of high quality KNX special cables with CE standard certificate. This engineering group has equipped with special/professional teams of HAVC,Lighting,Access,Network,...
  • Aumüller Aumatic GmbH Reiner Aumüller Gemeindewald 11 86672 Thierhaupten Germany
    Phone: +49 827181850 Fax: +49 82718185155 Website: Link to map

    Aumüller Aumatic GmbH develops, produces and distributes systems for both natural smoke and heat exhaust as well as systems for controlled natural ventilation. The systems consist of linear, chain and electric spindle drives as well as control and regulation systems and sensors. Their solutions in the area of powered smoke and heat extraction are installed worldwide as the main system in public buildings. They offer secure, sustainable, comfortable and visually appealing automation solutions for any type of window.
  • Aurex Industries, Inc. Shing-Mei Chang 5F.-3, No.27, Sec. 3, Zhongshan N. Rd. Zhongshan Dist. 10641 Taipei Taiwan
    Phone: +886.228935151 Fax: +886.225972377 Website: Link to map

    Founded in 1987, Aurex Industries Inc. located in Taipei, Taiwan, has been dedicated to furnishing the best quality PIR presence/motion detectors to their clients worldwide for the past two decades. Thanks to their senior sales and well-experienced R&D experts, Aurex has successfully completed numerous projects fulfilling clients\' needs in every aspect. Aurex has received a lot of positive feedback and attained a splendid market reputation till today. The company will continue to focus on the development of energy-efficient and green products and are proud of their leading position. Furthermore, it strives to make living convenient and enjoyable by combining their design with the KNX home and building control system.
  • Automation Specialists India PVT LTD. Taj Kollara Sanctuary 102, 36th Main, 2nd Cross BTM layout 2nd stage 560068 Bangalore India
    Phone: +91 8042106364 Fax: +91 8042136365 Website: Link to map

    Automation Specialists was founded in 2000 with their head offices in Dubai and has more than 12 years of experience in the KNX Industry. In 2010 they started their operations in India with KNX projects nationwide. Automation Specialists India has now offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Cochin. In total they have completed more than 300 projects in the Middle East and India and were been nominated for a KNX Award in 2010 and for 2 KNX Awards in 2012. They are planning to develop their own KNX compatible products.
  • Automatismi Beninca spa Francesca BRAZZALE Via del Capitello, 45 36066 Sandrigo Italy
    Phone: +39.0444751030 Fax: +39.0444759728 Website: Link to map

    Automatismi Benincà is a part of the Benincà Group that has been designing and marketing door and gate automation systems for over thirty years. The company is a point of reference on the international scene, distributing its automation systems for industrial and residential use all over the world. Today, the group is made up of five companies (BENINCA’, CAB, HI MOTIONS, RISE, BYOU and MYONE) each specialized in the building automation sector. It has a cutting-edge research and development department designing products and systems to improve the mobility of things and people. Through a profitable synergy between the different brands, the group is able to provide highly specialized products, such as to anticipate market demands and able to solve complex problems.
  • Autosolan Intelligent Technology Co., LTD Matt Leung Floor 6,NO. 9,Street 1,Ke hui jin gu,Huangpu District,Guangzhou +86 020-82581510 510000 Guangzhou. China China
    Phone: +86.18620142333 Website: Link to map

    Guangzhou Autosolan Co. Ltd. is an IoT technology company providing smart home and education solutions. Located in Guangzhou, the Science City of China. Based on the foundation of the wireless technology, pursuing the idea of "easy install", "convenient implementation", as a innovate enterprise of creating new IoT and smart control system, they are developing accurate synchronized networks, high-speed sampling chips, realiable sensors, server technology based on a cloud control, with a hybrid tech instead of traditional ways. Autosolan\'s Smart Home is a perfect solution of "smart security", "realtime supervision", "smart control".
  • AV Stumpfl GmbH Tobias Stumpfl Mitterweg 46 4702 Wallern Austria
    Phone: +43 7249/42811 Fax: +43 7249/42811-4 Website: Link to map

    AV Stumpfl has been manufacturing controls products for the past 30 years and provides a worldwide distribution network with experts in the areas of audio, video, lighting, projection, building technology and permanent installations. With an overall solution including numerous interfaces and modules, all these different areas are combined with the SC TouchControl Software which allows visualization and control for media control, building automation, home automation and digital signage with content management.
  • AVE S.p.A. Danilo Remonti Via Mazzini 75 25086 Rezzato (BS) Italy
    Phone: +39.03024981 Fax: +39.0302792605 Website: Link to map

    AVE S.p.A. was the first Italian manufacturer of electrical material in 1904. They started by manufacturing simple switches made in wood and ivory and across over a century of innovation they became a multinational company active in over 60 countries across the globe. During 111 years they were able to design and deliver thousands of innovative products to the market. Always combining high technology with the best of Italian design is the identity of their products. Continuing their efforts to deliver new solutions they are already on the market with many ranges of smart systems: from home and hotel automation to safety and security products. They are now joining KNX to offer their quality, design and innovation also to the big public of KNX.
  • AYPRO Technology Yusuf Noyan Aydin Bahcelievler mahallesi Hizir Reis Caddesi. No 7B 07050 Antalya Turkey
    Phone: +90 8503024777 Website: Link to map

    AYPRO Technology is a designer, developer and manufacturer of electronic systems. Its focus is on intelligent solutions for control and management of residential and commercial buildings. They have been developing video door phone and smart home systems for 10 years. They share their experience in IP touch panel solutions with KNX partners.Based in Turkey, Germany and China, they have great team developing future technology. AYPRO\'s mission is to improve smart home and energy saving standards using unique solutions. Their high quality solutions will be launched in April 2015 at affordable prices.
  • AZ e-lite Ptd Ltd Terence Kwong 31 Ubi Road 1, #09-01, 408694 Singapore Singapore
    Phone: +65.65942277 Website: Link to map

    Just Start
  • b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH Alexander Beck Eichenstraße 38 64743 Beerfelden Germany
    Phone: +49 6068/47891-0 Fax: +49 6068/4789169 Website: Link to map

    The b + b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH, located in Reichelsheim – Erzbach, was founded in 2006 and has been a reliable partner in the area of industry and building automation and visualization. The range of services and products includes the hardware components and the necessary application specific software. Currently the team consists of 14 highly motivated employees. The products are delivered worldwide to the different industrial branches.
  • BAB TECHNOLOGIE Albert Baurmann Hörder Burgstr. 18 44263 Dortmund Germany
    Phone: +49.23147642530 Fax: +49.23147642559 Website: Link to map

  • BAS-IP LP Dmitriy Panchenko LAS Suite, St. Vincent Street 5 EH 3 6SW Edinburgh United Kingdom
    Phone: +38.638526936 Website: Link to map

    Since 2005 BAS-IP has been developing and manufacturing video intercom systems based on IP technology. Until recently, the company was focused on developing its intercom system, and in 2015 drew attention towards extension of the line of equipment and expansion of device range. KNX-based devices allow the implementation of all functions embedded in IP intercom systems and can even expand them. These days modern users do not want to be limited to minimum opportunities, but want to choose their functions and have their own wishes implemented in the management of home devices. BAS-IP listens to the customers’ needs and wishes and is expanding its range with automatic modules, actuators, switches based on the KNX protocol. One of the certified factories in China will produce this product line.
  • Basalte bvba Klaas Arnout Hundelgemsesteenweg 1a 9820 Merelbeke Belgium
    Phone: +32 9/3857838 Fax: +32 9/3296695 Website: Link to map

    Basalte is a Belgian manufacturer of design products for premium smart homes in both residential and hospitality projects. Its product range goes from touch sensitive switches, beautiful thermostats and a miniature motion sensor to a powerful & versatile multiroom audio system and AV integration modules. Furthermore, Basalte will even launch its own KNX visualization in 2019. All Basalte products integrate with KNX home automation and are very intuitive and easy to use. They’re handmade in Belgium from high-quality finishes like aluminum, brass, glass & even leather.
  • Becker-Antriebe GmbH Thomas Behr Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 2-4 35764 Sinn Germany
    Phone: +49 2772/573112 Fax: +49 2772/573113 Website: Link to map

    Becker Antriebe is located in the town of Sinn in Germany and was founded in 1921. The company specialized in blinds, sunshades and garage door drives and controls. It has a work force of approximately 220 staff employers in Germany and 100 abroad. It has branches in the Benelux, France, Spain, Austria, Turkey and the Czech Republic. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
  • Beijing Assem Tech, Co., LTD Rui Wang chaoyang district brushed Lin road, king rond international buil C 6 layers 100107 Beijing China
    Phone: +86.15058201896 Fax: +86.108243911216 Website: Link to map

  • Beijing Garefowl Technology Co.,Ltd. Peng Hu No.3 Minzhuang Road,Tsinghua science park Yuquan Huigu, Haidian District 100195 Beijing China
    Phone: +86 1088153193 Fax: +86 1088122129 Website: Link to map

    Garefowl is a company that designs and manufactures electronic products and develops system application software. For over ten years, Garefowl has been committed to developing intelligent lighting control and management systems and producing various actuators, gateways and communication products operating under the ILCM system. Garefowl has provided system design services and products with the best quality to many system integrators doing outdoor street lighting and night-view lighting projects. Garefowl has carried out many high-end projects such as the Urban Night-view Lighting Project for Beijing 2008 Olympics. Now Garefowl has decided to join KNX Association to design and produce various types of hardware and software products under this standard. They are committed to produce products to both outdoor and home & building automation.
  • Belcom Cables Ltd. Kenny Ewing Green Street 1 CM22 6DS Elsenham/Essex United Kingdom
    Phone: +44 1279871150 Fax: +44 1279871129 Website: Link to map

    Belcom Cables are suppliers of high quality top performance cables. Over the last 20 years they have developed expertise in many major industry sectors, in some they have led the way in cable development. Their range of industrial electronic cables from Field bus networks to industrial electronics is second to none. This philosophy in itself ensures the reliability and future proofing of the industrial network and qualifies that each individual supplier’s component works smoothly within the network. Belcom is pleased to be associated with a number of organisations, not least KNX Association developing the FieldLink range of Field Bus cables to meet the latest performance requirements of each network for the widest range of operating environments to suit any industry. Belcom stock the standard KNX cable in PVC or LSZH in bulk lengths ready to cut to your requirements on a next day basis.
  • Belden Wire & Cable B.V. Mari Jacobs Suite 13 M22 5WB Manchester United Kingdom
    Phone: + 31773878457 Fax: + 31773878228 Website: Link to map

    Belden is committed to delivering the best signal transmission solutions in the world, sectors for ranging from industrial automation, to aerospace, and consumer electronics, etc. The products include copper cable, fiber, wireless technology, connectors, switches and active components to bring voice, video and data to mission- critical applications. Belden offers a wide range of cables for building control, security, access control, CCTV, fire and AV applications. Also available are KNX certified 1-pair and 2-pair cables with either PVC or Low Smoke Non Halogen (LSNH) jacketing.
  • BELIMO Automation AG Andreas Marty Brunnenbachstrasse 1 8340 Hinwil Switzerland
    Phone: +41 438436111 Fax: +41 438436299 Website: Link to map

    Since 1975 Belimo develops, manufactures and markets electric actuators for motorizing actuators in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The technology company based in Hinwil (Switzerland) employs over 1,300 people worldwide. Belimo’s products contribute to increase efficiency in HVAC applications. High functionality and precision allow optimum operation of HVAC systems and reduce their energy consumption. Bus-compatible actuators are equipped with intelligent motion control with open interfaces. This provides an easy, cost-effective integration of air and fire dampers, VAV boxes, control valves and intelligent HVAC actuators. The actuators can be individually connected to networks or bundled over the Belimo MP-Bus® to host systems.
  • BEMI Smart Home Ltd Michael Bendtsen Hartmansgränden 6 65100 Vasa Finland
    Website: Link to map

    BEMI Automation is a KNX system integrator since 2005. From the start they aimed to combine lighting design with KNX, which over the years has resulted in their own logics for light scenes and how they see light. In 2010 the owner Michael Bendtsen was honored with the title KNX tutor and since then they have been educating people in KNX and lighting design. In 2013 they launched their first iBEMI iOS app for controlling the smart home. In 2016 they launched their KNX project tool which aims to help other system integrators sell KNX systems. Their future role within KNX will be to help other system integrators make more profit and create better KNX systems. As their motto states: KNX is a function based system – don’t sell products!
  • Berker GmbH & Co. KG Bettina Eickmann Klagebach 38 58579 Schalksmühle Germany
    Phone: +49.2355905405 Fax: +49.2355905115 Website: Link to map

  • Bes - Ingenium Miguel Sanchez Gutierrez Parque Tecnologico de Asturias Parcela 50 33428 Llanera Spain
    Phone: +34.985118859 Fax: +34.985118103 Website: Link to map

    BES, the Ingenium’s KNX product line, increasingly present in new countries, builds an innovative home automation concept that complies with the specifications of the standard KNX protocol, which enables its integration with other KNX manufacturers in all types of installations. Ingenium maintains the identity with which the brand was born: simple products, easy to program and intuitive. Quality, innovation and design continue distinguishing BES KNX devices, a leading company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of the highest home automation technology since 1998. Capacitive push buttons, colour touch screens, actuators, dimmers, gateways (DALI, DMX, Fermax, LG, Daikin, IR, etc.), LED control, clima, sensors (patented hidden sensor), etc. With all this, BES-Ingenium completes its renewed offer further KNX under the name of BES. A clear commitment to present and future by the KNX products.
  • BETA CAVI Luca Vittorio Cappelletti Viale Danimarca 2 84091 Battipaglia Italy
    Phone: +39.0828308765 Fax: +39.0828342283 Website: Link to map

    BETA CAVI designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of copper cables developed to optimize performance in terms of installation and transmission of the equipment . Technology and a marketing partner of the most renowned companies in the world such as: BOSCH security systems , DAHUA , HIKVISION and Samsung Techwin. BETA CAVI represents the new generation benchmark in several market area.
  • Bilton International Anette Krisch Lofererstrasse 23 5760 Saalfelden Austria
    Phone: +43 6582/71164 Fax: +43 6582/71164-10 Website: Link to map

  • Bird Home Automation GmbH Sascha Keller Joachimsthaler Str. 12 10719 Berlin Germany
    Phone: +49.3056795394 Website: Link to map

    The Bird Home Automation Group headquartered in Berlin is a leading manufacturer of IP door communications products with manufacturing location in Germany. The main product of Bird Home is the IP Video Door Station "DoorBird": Answer your door anywhere. With DoorBird you never miss a visitor. With DoorBird you will not miss any more deliveries – because you will be informed right away when the postman rings. In addition, DoorBird is probably the world\'s most integrated IP Door Station, among others: Crestron, Control4, RTI, Elan, Bang & Olufsen, Volkswagen cars, Savant, Vera, ONVIF and many more.
  • Bischoff Elektronik GmbH H. Hummel Hauptstraße 5 98530 Oberstadt Germany
    Phone: +49 1713552800 Fax: +49 36846/57010 Website: Link to map

  • Black Nova Ahmet Cem Vardar Zilverenberg 36 36 5234 GM 's-Hertogenbosch Netherlands
    Phone: +90.2324490882 Website: Link to map

    Black Nova uses the latest technology to give your living space a heart. With the help of big data and predictive algorithms, Black Nova enables your building to learn from your habits, recognize your mood, and anticipate your wants. Blacknova unites building automation, room control, and property management solutions into one powerful IoT ecosystem, providing an unprecedented level of safety and comfort for your home, hotel, office or yacht.
  • Blue and Red BV Ricardo de Vries Lavendelheide 6b 9202PD Drachten Netherlands
    Phone: +31.202610985 Website: Link to map

    TEOS Manage software offers a complete display device and room/building management solution for corporate environments that\'s powerful, flexible and easy to use. Efficiently managing, scheduling and monitoring the content that’s displayed on all your networked screens, projectors and display devices can be a headache for any organization. TEOS Manage streamlines the control and maintenance of all your connected devices and content in boardrooms, meeting rooms, offices, reception areas and public spaces. Scalable and highly cost effective, TEOS Manage orchestrates the control of your organization\'s IP connected devices via a friendly dashboard-style interface. Group devices by location for easier management. Schedule content play-out, Schedule and control lights, shades, climate and much more.
  • Blumotix s.r.l. Carlo Orsi Via Bedazzo 2 48022 Lugo (RA) Italy
    Phone: +39.05451895254 Fax: +39.05451895196 Website: Link to map

    Blumotix produces computers dedicated to the supervision of home and building automation. The coordination of home automation allows us to create breakthrough innovations in the areas of security, comfort and energy savings. Blumotix improves these features thanks to new devices, designed in our research & development area. Kairos is the heart of their solution. It is a complete microcomputer the size of a business card and has the power of a desktop. Kairos is very power efficient and consumers use just 1 Watt of power. Their computers are dedicated to the control of KNX systems, according with original data exported from ETS software. Thanks to its audio video support, Kairos is very attractive for those who want to integrate KNX and video entry phone.
  • BMS - Building Management Systems Frank Lenders Heinrich-Heine-Str. 3 47906 Kempen Germany
    Phone: +49 2152/95989-0 Fax: +49 2152/95989-9 Website: Link to map

    As manufacturer the company BMS from Kempen in Germany is a specialist in the field of building automation with more than 20 years of market experience. The product portfolio includes the sensors for capturing the weather data, the central units which implement the control algorithms and the actuators. It is completed by system components and solutions for visualization and remote maintenance. The long-term experience in product management, product development and manufacturing coordination is offered as a service to other industrial and manufacturing companies by BMS. The expertise goes far beyond sun protection automation and covers all areas of building management systems based on KNX.
  • Bosch Rexroth AG Thomas Höfling Bgm.-Dr.-Nebel-Str. 2 97816 Lohr am Main Germany
    Phone: +49.9352180 Fax: +49.9352183972 Website: Link to map

    As one of the world’s leading suppliers of drive and control technologies, Bosch Rexroth ensures efficient, powerful and safe movement in machines and systems of any size. The company bundles global application experience in the market segments of Mobile Applications, Machinery Applications and Engineering, and Factory Automation. With its intelligent components, customized system solutions and services, Bosch Rexroth is creating the necessary environment for fully connected applications. Bosch Rexroth offers its customers hydraulics, electric drive and control technology, gear technology and linear motion and assembly technology, including software and interfaces to the Internet of Things. With locations in over 80 countries, more than 30,500 associates generated sales revenue of 5.5 billion euros in 2017. To learn more, please visit
  • Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH Nuno Afonso Justus-Kilian-Straße 1 35457 Lollar Germany
    Phone: +49 6441/4182318 Fax: +49 6441/4182829 Website: Link to map

  • BOSMER Mert Unluonen 1203/11 Sk. 3 K:6/606 35170 Konak/Izmir Turkey
    Phone: +90.2324699995 Fax: +90.2324699995 Website: Link to map

    Bosmer was founded in 2009 in İzmir, as one of the pioneers of the building automation systems integrator with KNX in Turkey. The company has been continuing its activities as a Certified KNX Training Center since October 2014. As a Training Center we improve educated and qualified experts in KNX system, in this way we intend to ensure the continuity of quality standards in automation systems also raise awareness about the KNX in Turkey. The new target of the company is to enter building automation market by producing KNX-based new products. Bosmer has an innovative team which deals with best solutions for building automation systems for to make life easier.
  • BPT S.p.A. a Socio Unico Antonio Milici Via Cornia 1/B 33079 Sesto al Reghena Italy
    Phone: +39 0434698111 Fax: +39 0434698434 Website: Link to map

    BPT is a privileged partner capable of offering a full range of systems and cutting-edge technical products which are compatible with automation and video entry systems, access control, heating control, security and LED lighting. The development of advanced home technology systems requires the latter to be increasingly flexible and simple. BPT looks to the future with the view to anticipate technological evolutions for the big challenge of the ‘intelligent environment’. System integration, digital technology and energy saving are the developing focus for the achievements and growth of BPT. The conquest of new spaces: BPT’s technology is venturing outside the confines of home and single building into wider-ranging areas like residential centres, villages and urban areas.
  • Brück Electronic GmbH (B.E.G.) F. Brück Schlosserstrasse 30 51789 Lindlar Germany
    Phone: +49 2266/901210 Fax: +49 2266/45377 Website: Link to map

    BEG started with the manufacture of emergency lights. In 1986, BEG extended its activities into design and manufacture of motion detectors for outdoor applications. Several generations of motion detectors have now been sold worldwide, with the latest range, the RC-Plus providing several innovative features, including remote control. The most recent addition has been the market wining range of occupancy detectors. BEG is now celebrating 30 years of success for providing quality, innovation and, stylish solutions. These products are available for purchase from leading electrical distributors worldwide.
  • Brumberg Leuchten GmbH & Co. KG Brumberg Leuchten GmbH & Co. KG Hellefelder Straße 63 59846 Sundern Germany
    Phone: +49 293496110 Fax: +49.2934961196 Website: Link to map

    The family-owned company, founded in 1873 by Hermann Josef Brumberg under the same name in Sundern – since 1985 known under the name Brumberg Leuchten GmbH & Co. KG – has established itself as a professional lighting manufacturer in the high quality smart lighting technology sector. Brumberg is among the leading suppliers and offers professional lighting solutions for almost all application areas. In its portfolio there is a broad spectrum of LED lights and lighting fixtures with conventional light sources in various designs and power ratings. The company, family-run for five generations, is headed by the brothers Johannes and Benedikt Brumberg. In 2015, Brumberg became a partner of “eNet-Allianz with GIRA/JUNG” as well as of “FEELSMART”. In 2016, Brumberg joined the strong brand alliance “Connected Comfort” as well as the “Initiative Elektromarken. Starke Partner.”
  • BSH Hausgeräte GmbH Johannes Gaugler Im Gewerbepark B35 D-93059 Regensburg Germany
    Phone: +49 941/79016933 Fax: +49 941/79016953 Website: Link to map

  • BSmart Naor Ben Sadon HaMasger 22 3812001 Hadera Israel
    Phone: +972.507328320 Fax: +972.773328320 Website: Link to map

    Bsmart is one of the leading companies in Israel,specializing in the KNX standard since 2007. It is involved as a center in the training of students and professionals working in the field of home and building automation.
  • Bticino s.p.a. Daniele Novati Via Manara 4 22036 Erba (CO) Italy
    Phone: +39 031/653236 Fax: +39 031/653217 Website: Link to map

    "BTicino, a renowned brand in more than 60 countries around the world, is part of the Legrand group since 1989. Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. Its comprehensive offering of solutions for use in commercial, industrial and residential markets makes it a benchmark for customers worldwide. The company’s prime vectors for growth are innovation—generating a steady flow of new products with high added value—and acquisitions. Legrand reported sales of close to €4.5 billion in 2013. The company is listed on NYSE Euronext and is a component stock of indexes including the CAC40, FTSE4Good, MSCI World, Corporate Oekom Rating and DJSI World. BTicino and Legrand are two of the leading worldwide brands of the Home Automation, Building Automation and Connected Objects markets since 2001."
  • Busch - Jaeger Elektro GmbH Adalbert Neumann Freisenbergstraße 2 58513 Lüdenscheid Germany
    Phone: +49 2351/9561332 Fax: +49 2351/9561203 Website: Link to map

  • CANST - Canadian Smart Technology Hossein Memaryan 6th Floor, Mural Street 95 ON, L4B 3G2 Richmond Hill Canada
    Phone: +1.8009623371 Fax: +1.6473624539 Website: Link to map

    Canadian Smart Technology Corp. is a company that specializes in Smart Technology and Application Development. CANST is a solution provider in the realm of Smart Technology and IoT. CANST designs, develops, and manufactures electronic systems – with basis in both Cable and Wireless products. CANST provides intelligent solutions for controlling and managing residential and commercial buildings. Based on the KNX standards, CANST provides intelligent solutions for such applications as Security, Lighting Control, HVAC Control, Motorized Curtain Control, and Energy Conservation.
  • Carel Industries S.p.A. Damiano Baldo Via dell'Industria 11 35020 Brugine Italy
    Phone: +39 049/9716766 Fax: +39 049/9716600 Website: Link to map

    The company was founded in 1973 and is the leading provider of products and solutions of intelligent and innovative building systems technology in Italy. It offers controls systems for the heating, air-conditioning and ventilation markets. Over the years the company started to do business worldwide. New branches were opened initially in France, later in Germany, China, Australia and America. The Spanish/Portuguese market was opened with the founding of Carel Iberica in 2007.
  • CD Innovation LTD Itay Sidi Derech Hahoresh Str. 1/27 56470 Yehud Israel
    Phone: +972 3/6325232 Fax: +872 774/810600 Website: Link to map

    CD Innovation is a young company that develops KNX compatible products. The CEO, Itai Sidi, has over 15 years of extensive experience with the KNX technology. The core activity of CDI is focused on the MAESTRO product line is based on the MAESTRO server powerful controller and on high resolution, friendly Graphic User Interface, which together control the KNX system and external equipment. The goal of the product line is to enable the KNX system with: Superior central control abilities; Touch screen based user friendly GUI; And integration with external systems such as audio and video.
  • CIAT Jean-Marc Mermet Avenue Jean Falconnier 700 01350 Culoz France
    Phone: +33 479/424755 Fax: +33 479/424013 Website: Link to map

    Over the past 70 years, CIAT has become Europe’s leading name in the field of air conditioning, air-handling, heat exchange and heating using renewable energies. A true industrial group, CIAT designs, manufactures and markets its own solutions for a wide range of markets: Individual and collective housing, commercial sector, healthcare and industry. Market leader in France, CIAT is strengthening its position on the international market thanks to its industrial sites around the world (France, Spain, Italy, China & India) and its network of subsidiaries and distributors present over 70 countries.
  • CJC Systems Pieter Canniere Vloedstraat 15 8800 Roeselare Belgium
    Phone: +32 51246140 Fax: +32 51246219 Website: Link to map

    Celebrating its 20th birthday in 2014, CJC Systems has already established a well-known reputation for the design and manufacturing of their design switch panels among architects, installers and distributors worldwide. CJC recently launched 5 different collections of design switches directly to KNX. Made out of aluminum material, every collection of CJC Systems is available in more than 12 different finishings. Every KNX collection can also have an optional temperature & humidity sensor and is available with/without LEDs (orientation led -feedback led). The KNX collections have all been given female names: ANNA (small levers), ZIT A (round push-buttons), LARA (flat square push-buttons), MONA (square push-buttons) & LOLA (small flat square push-buttons). To complete their product range, CJC also offers cover plates for sockets, bed lamps and orientation lights in the same finishings.
  • ClicHome Luca Ricci Via Variante 7bis, 156 80035 Nola (NA) Italy
    Phone: +39.0818234963 Fax: +39.08231761107 Website: Link to map

    ClicHome has been the reference point for the KNX world in Southern Italy since 2005. Since 2010 they have been operating in Italy and foreign countries from their new office in Rome, both as a system integrator and distributor or reseller of KNX products. Since 2005, ClicHome has not just sold products, it sells systems. This is the reason for its success confirmed by the customers‘ loyalty. When you turn to ClicHome you can count on excellence and competence of a technical staff that is able to support you from the design to the commissioning of a new system. The whole process was standardized and perfected with only one aim: to achieve perfect systems without any glitch, without any rub.
  • CM Security GmbH & Co. KG Oliver Jung Otto-Hahn-Str. 3 72406 Bisingen Germany
    Phone: +49 747694950 Fax: +49 74769495195 Website: Link to map

    In the 40 years since its founding in 1970, CM Security GmbH & Co. KG has accumulated a wealth of expert knowledge of the security market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Its headquarters is located in the South of Germany, close to Stuttgart. It is a manufacturer of intruder alarm control panels and related electronic security products. The company specialises in VdS-certified products. One of the new directions the company has recently started moving into is home automation. Over the past few years CM Security has sold more than 10,000 control panels, both as an OEM and through direct sales.
  • ComfortClick Luka Persic Cesta v Klece 16 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia
    Phone: +386 1/5101560 Fax: +386 1/5101563 Website: Link to map

    ComfortClick is a system integrator operating in the field of home automation. By offering the complete spectrum of services for home automation, we gained extensive know-how on home devices, systems and automated logic. Working closely with both end users and system integrators enables ComfortClick to understand their needs and preferences. It uses this knowledge in the development process of its building automation software ComfortManager. The main benefit of ComfortManager is a comfortable and fast system configuration without special training. For end users it offers intuitive visualization, which can be tailored to specific user needs. ComfortManager enables the control of KNX based devices and other main technical applications such as alarm, video surveillance, home theater, etc. ComfortManager is also suitable for iPhone and iPad use.
  • Condev-Automation GmbH Björn Harre Obere Erlentiefenstr. 27 59192 Bergkamen Germany
    Phone: +49 2307/554768 Fax: +49 2307/554911 Website: Link to map

    Condev-Automation bietet Dienstleistungen im Bereich der Produktentwicklung für Gebäudeautomation und Industriesteuerungen an. Die innovativen Ideen der Kunden werden von der Konzepterstellung bis zu einem serienreifen Endprodukt umgesetzt. Eigene Produkte werden als OEM-Zulieferer für namhafte Hersteller vermarktet. Ein Schwerpunkt ist die Entwicklung von „embedded systems“ als HMI Ausführung oder „black-box“ ohne Display. Die Adaptierung an die entsprechenden Feldbussysteme erfolgt durch den Einsatz von unterschiedlichen Modulen. Für Sonderfunktionen auf den Systemen oder weiteren Anwendungen werden Mikrocontroller eingesetzt. Im eigenen Hause erfolgen Firmware und Schaltungsentwicklung, Simulation, Konstruktion, Layout, Design und Prototypenbau. Auf Grund der 15-jährigen Erfahrung von KNX Produktentwicklungen werden auch System und Layer-Tests entwicklungsbegleitend durchgeführt.
  • Control behin afagh maryam torkan nazar sharghi-mehregan-behnam 45 8173786163 isfahan Iran, Islamic Republic of
    Phone: +98.9132697980 Website: Link to map

    New KNX Member - Cobaco: CONTROL BEHIN AFAGH company (COBACO) was founded in 2010 by a group of experienced engineers from highly reputable universities in Iran. The firm\'s goals have been productions and indigenisation of building management system (BMS). COBACO\'s engineers are focused on developing building management systems that provide a variety of quality services, suit Iranian\'s lifestyle, and are capable of competing similar foreign products.
  • Control4 Corporate Sutton on the Forest 1 YO61 1ET York United Kingdom
    Phone: +1 8019496435 Website: Link to map

    Control4 is a leading manufacturer of home and hospitality automation systems that are installed around the world. Offering a low cost, simple, yet versatile solution has enabled Control4 to be implemented in a growing number of projects. Inevitably this brought them in contact with the large KNX community and multiple requests for an interface. To fulfill their aim to be as “open platform” as they can, and include KNX as a platform they integrate with, they have commenced two strategies: Assist several of their distribution partners to develop their own bespoke KNX integration solutions and embark on a Control4 gateway.
  • controLED GmbH & Co. KG Tim Skrok Marburger Str. 17 10779 Berlin Germany
    Phone: +49.3083409223 Fax: +49.3083409224 Website: Link to map

  • CONTROLtronic GmbH Markus Messner Schragenhofstr. 35 80992 Munich Germany
    Phone: +49.89745566-0 Fax: +49.89745566-55 Website: Link to map

    The CONTROLtronic GmbH is located in Munich and is specialized in the development, manufacturing and distribution of building automation systems based on KNX. The company offers a broad and practical selection of products based on the KNX technology for home and building automation systems for residential and commercial buildings. The products stand out with innovative design and a multitude of functions. Project specific special solutions are possible at any time due to the flexible production structure. CONTROLtronic is a partner for architects, planners, system integrators and electricians in the area of standard and special solutions for building control systems.
  • Core Smart Home Mehmet Öztemel Akdeniz Mah. Cumhuriyet Blv. No:82/802 35210 Izmir Turkey
    Phone: +90.5326037100 Website: Link to map

    Core Smart Home produces innovative touch panels for both end-users and integrators
  • CP Electronics John Mercer Brent Crescent 1 NW107XR London United Kingdom
    Phone: +44.3339000671 Fax: +44.333900674 Website: Link to map

    CP Electronics is a design and manufacturing company based in London, United Kingdom. Its commitment to designing high performance and top quality lighting detection products has allowed it to become the leading UK lighting control company. Its portfolio extends from stand-alone PIR and Microwave technology to complex net - work control systems integrated by front end PC. It recognises the need to extend its portfolio with KNX products and have developed a range of detectors suitable for use on the KNX platform. CP Electronics is committed to product development taking into account ISO 9001 and 14001 standard.
  • Crestron International Stijn Ooms Oude Keerbergsebaan 2 2820 Rijmenam Belgium
    Phone: +32 15/509950 Fax: +32 15/509950 Website: Link to map

  • Cytech Technology Pte Ltd. L. Y. Chiu 55 Ubi Avenue 1 #07-04 408935 Singapore Singapore
    Phone: +65 68469701 Fax: +65 68469065 Website: Link to map

    Cytech technology was founded in Singapore in 1995, with the aim of becoming a leading manufacturer of Home Automation solutions. The company is focused on the design, manufacture, sales and support of home automation products. Its design team constantly upgrades and improves the product with feedback from users and installers around the world. Cytech has developed an intruder alarm system based on KNX which is a vital part of modern homes. The KNX system and the intruder alarm installed on the same premises have usually been independent of each other, but there are many benefits to having an intruder alarm integrated with KNX.
  • CYTEL Technology AG Markus Schwarz Karl-Ludwig-Strasse 23 68165 Mannheim Germany
    Phone: +49 621/84477-0 Fax: +49 621/84477-999 Website: Link to map

  • DaCom Database Computing GmbH Oliver Herrmann Am Roten Stein 9A 35216 Biedenkopf Germany
    Phone: +49.6461980440 Website: Link to map

    OEM-Developer of Homeautomation-Software with KNX-connectivity for more than 20 years.
  • Daikin Industries Ltd Katsuyoshi Matsuura Umeda Center Building 000000 530-8323 Osaka Japan
    Phone: +81 72/2597139 Fax: +81 72/2599283 Website: Link to map

    The 150th KNX member was the Japanese industrial group Daikin. With more than 43,000 employees and a presence on every continent, Daikin is the world’s largest manufacturer of air-conditioning and cooling systems. Moreover, beginning with the development of Japan’s first air conditioner in 1951, it is no exaggeration to say that Daikin’s history is the history of air conditioning itself. Daikin’s products are directly integrated into the building services engineering. As a global player, the company perfectly complements the existing KNX network and product range.
  • dakanimo GmbH Sven Bär Diekkamp 25 22359 Hamburg Germany
    Phone: +49 40881878850 Fax: +49 40881878853 Website: Link to map

    Founded in 2014, dakanimo GmbH develops high-end design objects in the KNX technology field for smart homes. The portfolio is addressing people, who demand the highest standards for their environment’s design without giving up any functionality. Developed and produced in Germany, the products stand for the belief that a high standard of aesthetics and performance guarantees maximum quality. They integrate an intuitive usability into the homes of their customers. dakanimo brings joy to luxury enthusiasts, individualists, trendsetters and design enthusiasts, because the products of dakanimo GmbH will make any customers\' life more enjoyable, safer and easier.
  • Dalitek Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Inc. Gordon Zhang Building 9, NO. 800, Xiayan Highway, Pudong New Distrct 201317 Shanghai China
    Phone: +86.2168041185 Fax: +86.2168041187 Website: Link to map

    Bridges Electronic Technology PTY LTD (Dynalite China) is a worldwide leading manufacturer and solution provider in the high-end lighting control industry with headquarters located in Sydney, Australia. For 18 years, Bridges has been focusing on building a perfect lighting environment and improving lighting management technology. In this way, Bridges has strengthened its global leading position in the lighting management industry. In 1995, Bridges was the first company that introduced an intelligent lighting control system in China. Since then, Bridges has been providing more innovations and solutions such as lighting control, remote monitoring, environment control, resource management, security control, intelligent green control and other integrated solutions, creating more value for its customers.
  • Data Design System GmbH Heinz Wohlers An der Hansalinie 48-50 59387 Ascheberg Germany
    Phone: +49 2593/919966 Fax: +49 2593/9199964 Website: Link to map

    Since 1984 Data Design System GmbH (DDS) has been developing innovative software solutions for integrated electrical, HVAC and solar engineering. Beyond the classical application planning, the products of “DDS-CAD” contain the necessary calculating functions for every application and realize a complete project documentation. DDS-CAD is a powerful open-BIM solution and is compatible with open buildingSMART data standards. The interface equipment includes 2-way interfaces to KNX software ETS3 and 4. DDS GmbH is part of the DDS ASA Corporation based in Norway. DDS Europe is the among the leading software companies in its segment. Craft, design offices, administrative buildings, industrial enterprises and educational institutions are among the typical customers of the company.
  • Datec Electronic AG Hervé Fimbel Wiesriedtweg 10 8630 Rüti ZH Switzerland
    Phone: +41 61/6332225 Fax: +41 61/6332227 Website: Link to map

    DATEC ELECTRONIC AG, headquartered in Rüti, has been producing various electronic products for 30 years. Since April 2012, the company has had a subsidiary in Basel specializing in the development of KNX building automation solutions. Due to its location in the border triangle, they can provide services in Switzerland, Germany and France. But DATEC ELECTRONIC AG also operates in other countries. The new team has already had many years of experience in the field of KNX device development in the areas of lighting control, HVAC, and shading. As a flexible company, they can develop new devices on customer request, and this for consultation, the idea of the first prototype to high volume.
  • Dehn + Söhne GmbH & Co. KG Michael Hess Hans-Dehn-Str. 1 92318 Neumarkt/OPf. Germany
    Phone: +49 9181/906703 Fax: +49 9181/906219 Website: Link to map

  • DGA - Gebäudeautomation Deutschland GmbH Günter Meixner Philipp-Kachel-Strasse 42a 63911 Klingenberg Germany
    Phone: +49 9372 9451111 Fax: +49 9372 9451112 Website: Link to map

    DGA-Gebäudeautomation Deutschland GmbH, based in Berlin, is a developer and manufacturer of KNX controllers, especially for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. These controllers are equipped with a complex metering and control system, so therefore a very energy-efficient and user-friendly control of HVAC systems in the KNX environment is possible. Pan-European training courses about the functions and applications of highly complex KNX controller will be offered from 2015 on by DGA GmbH.
  • Dialogic Systems GmbH & Co. KG Balthasar Huber Untere Dorfstrasse 2 85653 Aying Germany
    Phone: +49 175/2200240 Fax: +49 8095/87337399 Website: Link to map

    Dialogic Systems GmbH is a dynamic solution provider for integrated building automation. The portfolio consists of powerful touch panel PCs for wall mounting, innovative software applications and supporting services for electronic and audio/video specialists. The differentiator in the market is the combination of very high performance PC-technology with state-of-the-art video intercommunication system software at affordable prices. The roots of Dialogic Systems are an electrical installation company that started ten years ago. Realization of KNX-projects with high demands in a fast way became their expertise in the Munich area. At first a touch panel PC was developed for their own customers which can be used to fulfill the growing demands of builders and architects at an attractive price/performance ratio.
  • Digital Elektronik Ges. m.b.H. Martin Tontsch Berchtesgadner Str. 10 5083 St. Leonhard / Salzburg Austria
    Phone: +43 6246/8966-0 Fax: +43 6246/8966401 Website: Link to map

    Digital Elektronik is a service-oriented Austrian service provider in the fields of electronics and precision engineering with branches in St. Leonhard near Salzburg and Tamsweg. The company was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in St. Leonhard near Salzburg. In 1998, the subsidiary in Tamsweg was opened. Currently they are using KNX in one of their projects to control several lamps, which consist of several LEDs. The respective control of each LED is carried out exclusively via the KNX protocol and allows control of the entire system via a central computer. The large number of controllable lamps (> 350), or their LED composites, contributes to the complexity of the project, because all require a dedicated LED driver control.
  • digitalSTROM AG Thomas Rudolph Brandstrasse 33 8952 Schlieren-Zürich Switzerland
    Phone: +41.444459900 Fax: +41.444459900 Website: Link to map

    digitalSTROM connects analogue/IP devices and sensors with each other and the web. While the integration of analogue devices happens through the existing electrical wiring, the system uses a virtual device container (vDCs) for the connection of digitally controllable devices and applications: these are virtual gateways that emulate the entire functionality of device control incl. the network adapter and corresponding standard device behaviour in software form, converting the digitalSTROM signals for the microcontroller of the third-party end-user device. The dS gateways for the integration of applications also use dS-vDCs that are especially customised for these protocols. With the aim of providing a universal, manufacturer-independent smart home platform, digitalSTROM now offers users the simple and unified integration of KNX products into the digitalSTROM network.
  • Dinitel 2000 S.A. David Montoya Inaki Goenaga 5 20600 Eibar Spain
    Phone: +34 943820458 Fax: +34 943820614 Website: Link to map

    Dinitel 2000, S.A., was created in 1993 by a joint initiative of the Tekniker Foundation, a leading industrial R&D centre, and a group of companies active in the construction sector. Its main aim is to provide high quality products with an innovative design as well as to offer full support throughout the whole process of installation and maintenance. For this purpose Dinitel has set up an extremely active commercial network designed to provide the necessary technical support to its customers. Nowadays Dinitel is working to design and sell KNX related products.
  • Dinuy S.A. Andoni Asurmendi Garcia Auzolan 2 20303 Irun Spain
    Phone: +34 4/3627932 Fax: +34 4/3625764 Website: Link to map

    Dinuy S.A., founded in 1950, is specialized in developing and manufacturing timers, dimmers, motion detectors, etc. The HQ is in Spain (Irun), with a working center of 50 people. At this moment, Spain is the main market, but they also export products to 30 other countries around the world. Their product portfolio includes devices to be operated by the mains and also radio frequency. All these RF products are the ones to be adapted to the KNK protocol, specifically dimmers, electronic transformers incorporating dimmer, impulse relays, KNX signal amplifiers, chimes, and temperature and luminosity sensors.
  • DIVUS GmbH Hartmut Henzler Pillhof 51 39057 Eppan (BZ) Italy
    Phone: +39 0471/633662 Fax: +39 0471/631829 Website: Link to map

    OUR SOLUTIONS: DIVUS takes up the challenge, today, tomorrow and in the future. In addition to innovative touch panels, the product portfolio in combination with IP-based intercoms and visualization tools offers a complete system solution for the global standard KNX. We help to make our world of tomorrow more convenient, economic and ecological.
  • Domatica - Global Solutions S.A. Pedro Pina Rue Belo Horizonte Edificio 25 C 2640-027 Ribamar-MFR Portugal
    Phone: +351261860030 Fax: +351261860039 Website: Link to map

    DOMATICA- Global Solutions, S.A. was founded in September 2002 and is a privately held venture capital company. It is a manufacturer of engineering solutions with a focus on technological innovation. Its core business concentrates on monitoring and control of a wide range of applications, such as energy efficiency, home automation, building management, etc. The company has developed the KNX Server, an ultimate controller tool for KNX. It is a DIN rail device for easily installation. It interfaces with KNXnet/IP and uses the iDom Project as a free software tool for programming and for system configuration. The software allows an instant integration of existing installations via Plug&Play.
  • Domonetio Spain, S.L. José Maria Morcillo C. Constitución 2, Planta 2, Oficina 3 08960 Sant Just Desvern Spain
    Phone: +34 932418083 Website: Link to map

    LABIO is a new KNX member, based in Barcelona and provides a range of KNX products for smart homes, smart buildings and smart cities solutions. The company markets devices worldwide in order to promote the use of the KNX standard from the very small project to the larger ones. LABIO’s main goal is to ensure the use of an automation system in every house or building as a natural evolution of the electrical installation.
  • Domotica Labs S.r.L. Claudio Caldera Via del Tiro a Segno 31 12084 Mondovi (CN) Italy
    Phone: +39.0172689043 Fax: +39.0172503114 Website: Link to map

    Founded in 2005, Domotica Labs is a software house developing Linux, web-based applications for home & building automation operating with KNX. KONNEXION suite is an embedded board with web-based supervision application for KNX home & building automation. The web controller also integrates a lightweight VOIP PBX appliance for intercom and voice messaging management and handles other proprietary protocols for specific devices management (burglar alarms, audio/video multi- room, IR transceivers...).
  • E.G.E. Philippe Dedieu rue Jean Lomont 5 98800 Noumea New Caledonia
    Phone: +687 769298 Website: Link to map

  • EAE Teknoloji Arastirma Gelistirme San. Tic. A.S. Ikitelli Kivanc Sonsuz Ikitelli OSB. Eski Turgut Ozal Cad. 20 34306 Istanbul Turkey
    Phone: +90.2125499713 Fax: +90.2125493790 Website: Link to map

    EAE Group, which has distributors and authorized dealers in 41 countries, is a leading manufacturer of electrical products in Turkey with more than 1000 employees. EAE Technology is established as a member of the EAE Group to create and provide highest quality hardware and software products, services and solutions for building automation and management. Its ambition is to bring technology of the future to the building infrastructure, software and field equipment. Its aim is to create an energy efficient, environmentally friendly and comfortable atmosphere in all kinds of buildings, with optimized investment and operational costs. EAE will provide expandable and interoperable solutions, fully customized to customer’s needs, avoiding proprietary or closed system solutions. To this end, its first line of KNX modules and solutions will be introduced shortly to the KNX world.
  • EAS SYSTEMS GmbH Matthias Schmidt Bahnhofstr. 1 92660 Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab Germany
    Phone: +49.96029449270 Fax: +49.960294492795 Website: Link to map

    EAS SYSTEMS is a German company, founded in 1988. Since 2004, they have established themselves as a powerful partner in all KNX related planning, consulting and programming facilities. Upon this specialization, in 2005 EAS SYSTEMS started to develop own building automation products for special markets to provide solutions exactly fitting their customer’s needs. As KNX plays a major role in many of these projects, they plan to extend their product range by adding KNX interfacing components to close the gap between their standard products and the KNX world.
  • easyMOBIZ mobile IT solutions GmbH Rudolf Schamberger Ruckerlberggasse 13 8010 Graz Austria
    Phone: +43 316/34680020 Fax: +43 316/34680050 Website: Link to map

    Tired of classic touch panels? easyMOBIZ focuses on mobile controls for smartphones and tablets. With direct and real-time access to the bus system without the need for servers and browsers, easyMOBIZ offers truly intuitive solutions, based on widely popular devices like iPhone and iPad. easyMOBIZ develops and markets its own products like ayControl KNX and works as a custom software provider for established players in the field of building automation. Knowing that mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone, BlackBerry and Android will complement and replace mainstream touch wall panels more and more, easyMOBIZ invested early in mobile control know-how. This experience serves as the basis for efficient to configure, intuitive, high-quality mobile visualizations and next generation mobile solutions. Interested in ayControl KNX? Read more about it in the „New Products“ section of this journal.
  • Eberle Controls GmbH Werner Weickmann Klingenhofstrasse 71 90411 Nürnberg Germany
    Phone: +49 911/5693208 Fax: +49 911/5693378 Website: Link to map

  • Eelectron SpA Daniele Caso Via Monteverdi 6 20025 Legnano (Mi) Italy
    Phone: +39.0331500802 Fax: +39.0331564826 Website: Link to map

    Eelectron is an Italian company that produces KNX standard electronic hardware and software devices. Our range of products is aimed towards hotel automation, home evolution and building automation. Member of the KNX Association for the Manufacturers category since 2005, Eelectron is a leading example on the national scene in the field of European standards protocols. The philosophy of Eelectron is to future aspects of design and aesthetics and functionality research with the development of highly innovative devices, combining KNX interoperability and compliance with the strictest International quality standards. The experience of Eelectron staff is at the full disposal of our users, with ongoing training activities, product assistance and continuing development that pays particular attention to client requirements, emerging applications, energy savings and the implementation of simple, efficient and client-oriented solutions.
  • Efftronics Systems Pvt Ltd Bala Krishna Brundavan Colony, M.G. Road 40-15-9 520010 Vijayawada India
    Phone: +91.8662466675 Fax: +91.8662474097 Website: Link to map

    Efftronics has 30 years experience in design & development of niche products and end-to-end smart solutions. From conception to design, manufacture & support, everything is carried out in-house with its expert R&D team and manufacturing facilities. With an objective of creating value to the customers, Efftronics is fulfilling the needs of various segments like railways, road transport, LED lighting, digital signage, energy, environment, industries etc., by providing IoT based smart solutions with design in mind. Presently, the company is serving customers in India, but likes to promote and expand worldwide. The next level of product development will show KNX compliance. By utilizing the KNX standard in IoT based smart solutions for LED lighting, smart homes & smart building automation, Efftronics believes that customers and their company will gretly benefit.
  • EIBMARKT GmbH Marco Labahn Kemmlerstrasse 1 08527 Plauen Germany
    Phone: +49 3741/148980 Fax: +49 3741/423336 Website: Link to map

  • ekey biometric systems GmbH Manfred Brunner Lunzerstraße 89 4030 Linz Austria
    Phone: +43.732691075369 Website: Link to map

    Biometry makes our daily life easier, more comfortable and safer. Biometric access and authentication solutions are on the rise! More than 1 million satisfied users are the best reference! ekey biometric systems started in the year 1999 and is Europe’s number 1 for fingerprint access solutions today. Private customers as well as leading companies and institutions, such as fire brigades or ambulances have trusted in the established ekey finger scanner for many years. The internationally active company currently employs 70 employees at its 5 locations Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein/Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia and exports its products to more than 70 countries. The export ratio accounts for 73%. Main markets are, next to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia and Italy, as well as Spain and the USA. “The finger is always with you!”
  • Ekinex S.p.A. Roberta Giovanetti Via Novara 37 28010 Vaprio d'Agogna Italy
    Phone: +39.03221828180 Fax: +39.0322980910 Website: Link to map

    SBS is a market leader company for consumer electronics in Italy and many other European countries. Some years ago SBS developed the first domestic thermostat with a GSM modem fully configurable through SMS. Now it intends to introduce on the market some devices for building automation: Power supplies, push-button interfaces, binary inputs, actuators for switching and blind/shutter control, dimming actuators, push button modules and control touch panels.
  • EKON GmbH Hartwig Weidacher St. Lorenzner Strasse 2 39031 Bruneck Italy
    Phone: +39.0474551820 Website: Link to map

    myGekko is a user-friendly product for building automation based on a control concept. myGEKKO is not programmed, but personalised by the electrician, the installer or the user directly via the display, the myGEKKO Slide. myGEKKO records, controls and monitors systems and devices centrally an therefore helps to use energy more efficiently, whenever at home, in the office or in a big network.
  • Elaborated Networks GmbH Stefan Werner Am Schammmacher Feld 1 85567 Grafing Germany
    Phone: +49.80922579240 Fax: +49.80922579210 Website: Link to map

    In the area of "Wiregate" Elaborated Networks develops solutions for the home and office automation in the area of wired and wireless sensor networks, multifunctional gateways, bus monitors, access control and encrypted remote control. The product range for sensoring includes high precision and very affordable digital temperature and humidity / air quality sensors with local bus interfaces in more than 20 design and housing types in industrial quality. The robust, fully pre-installed multifunction gateway allows the connection of 1-Wire sensor networks, KNX, Ethernet, Internet, and serial interfaces.
  • ELAN Home Systems Joe Lautner Corporate circle 1690 CA 94954 Petaluma United States
    Phone: +1 781/9905125 Website: Link to map

    ELAN Home Systems is the US manufacturer of the g! Entertainment and Control Solution. With over 30 years of experience in the home entertainment and control space, ELAN integrates whole-house audio and video, home theaters, security, climate, lighting, shade, irrigation, pool and other systems in the home and commercial spaces. ELAN has expanded its compatibility by integrating KNX devices to leverage the world\'s most widely used protocols for building control. ELAN sells through a network of International Distributors and is installed by trained and certified professional integrators. ELAN Home Systems ist der Hersteller des Systems ELAN g! zur Steuerung von Audio- und Video.
  • ELAN SRL Cristiano Montesi Osiamana 70 60021 Camerano Italy
    Phone: +39.0717304258 Fax: +39.0717304282 Website: Link to map

    ELAN Company is leading manufacturer for over 20 years of alarm cables, fire resistant cables, CCTV cables and network cables. ELAN is distributing also VRLA sealed acid lead batteries under the brand BIGBAT. The wide range of cables and batteries is produced following high technological standards and a strict quality control, always complying with Italian and international regulations. In order to satisfy an always more demanding market in terms of quality and technological products, ELAN has a very flexible manufacturing facility able to produce high tech products satisfying a wide range of applications. The workshop features modern equipment able to deliver the most accurate mechanical, electrical and fire resistance tests, allowing ELAN to respect with consistency the declared performances and the regulations in force.
  • ELAUSYS Nicolas Detournay Rue de la petite ferme 5C 4218 Couthuin Belgium
    Phone: +32.487244507 Website: Link to map

    ELAUSYS is an engineering company specialized in electronic & automation. We design and develop innovative solutions and products in the field of building automation. With our KNX Input gateway, binary input devices and modular actuator system, we provides a full range of products based on KNX for optimizing a building automation system. Moreover, we offer custom development and prototyping services.
  • Elbex Technologies BVBA Bert Waumans Katwilgweg 11 2050 Antwerpen Belgium
    Phone: +32 32540954 Fax: +32 32540323 Website: Link to map

    Elbex Technologies is the official daughter company of the Elbex Holding, mainly active for distribution in the Benelux, as well as worldwide service for the group. Elbex Technologies is a part of the Elbex Japan group which has been a Residential Automation Optic System for the past 10 years, which is based on using Polymer Optic Fiber cable to transmit various commands. The Elbex System also provides detailed consumption reports from every electrical switch and socket. Elbex Technologies plans to provide compatible gateways for the Elbex System to be also controlled by KNX controllers. Elbex Technologies is specialized in the production and distribution of advanced audio and video technologies in the world of security, processing video- and interphone systems with integrated home automation.
  • ELDAT GmbH Hans-Heinz Müller Im Gewerbepark 14 15711 Königs Wusterhausen Germany
    Phone: +49 3375/9037120 Fax: +49 3375/903790 Website: Link to map

    ELDAT GmbH was founded in 1979 and has established as a leading manufacturer of high quality, cost-effective radio and controller devices. Besides its standard products, the company develops and manufactures also customised radio and controller components or turnkey systems, including the design, engineering and supply of mechanical parts like housings. ELDAT products are delivered worldwide to different markets, with the main focus on the home and building automation market. Other target markets include alarm and security, health care, industrial automation and automotive industry.
  • Electrak John Wright Industrial Estate Medomsley Road 1 GB-DH8 6SR Consett United Kingdom
    Phone: +44 1207/599518 Website: Link to map

  • Electroacustica General Iberica S.A. Diego Sanchez Avda Almozara 79 50003 Zaragoza Spain
    Phone: +34 976/405353 Fax: +34 976/405354 Website: Link to map

  • elero GmbH Karsten Fess Linsenhofer Strasse 59-63 72660 Beuren Germany
    Phone: +49 7025/1301 Fax: +49 7025/13212 Website: Link to map

    Drives and Controls for inteligent building automation.
  • Eliq AB Olof Hartelius Sockerbruket 9 414 51 Göteborg Sweden
    Phone: +46.739910408 Website: Link to map

    Energy metering monitoring
  • ELKO EP s.r.o. Jiří Konečný Palackého 493 769 01 Holešov Czech Republic
    Phone: +420.573514211 Fax: +420.573514227 Website: Link to map

    ELKO is a traditional and innovative Czech manufacturer of electronics devices that, has been around for over 22 years. They are proud to be a true specialist for modular electronic devices - relays, of which they produce more than 200 types. Own production, modern tools and devices, research and development centre - all these allow them to head towards development of the most sought after technology - intelligent electro installation iNELS system. Connection to KNX allows their system integrators to use any KNX compatible brand with iNELS. The bridge between these two BUS is formed by „connection server“. Main benefit for integrators is that KNX components may also be transferred to multimedia server iMM, which is the center of control AV technology and third parties. Parameterization goes through IDM3, which is iNELS design manager and tool to set up iNELS.
  • ELMOS Semiconductor AG Joern Conze Heinrich-Hertz-Strasse 1 44227 Dortmund Germany
    Phone: +49 231/7549574 Fax: +49 231/7549649 Website: Link to map

    Elmos is a developer and producer of semiconductor based system solutions. In doing this, they always offer the one product to the customer that is just the right answer to his problems. Be it a chip tailored to his specific requirements, a standard product ready for use in a short amount of time, or a complete microsystem as a symbiosis of sensor, read-out electronics and special package. More than 500 successful products bear witness to a job well done. Ever since 1984 it has been their profession to come up with complex semiconductors which facilitate intelligent and cost-efficient solutions based on their robustness and diversity of functions. With the latest standard product „E981.03KNX/EIB Transceiver“ which comes in QFN32L7 package, they offer you a cost-efficient solution to physically linking up your TP1-application to the KNX bus.
  • Elsner Elektronik GmbH Thomas Elsner Sohlengrund 16 75395 Ostelsheim Germany
    Phone: +49.7033309450 Fax: +49.70333094520 Website: Link to map

  • Embedded Systems, SIA Karina Zmude Darzciema street 42 1035 Riga Latvia
    Phone: +371 6/7648888 Fax: +371 6/7205036 Website: Link to map

    Embedded Systems, SIA products line consists of self-organizing IPv6 wireless sensor and actuator nodes, bridges to Serial, GSM, Ethernet and other networks, full redundancy high-efficient power supplies usable in home automation intellectual bus as well as in mission-critical outdoor applications. GenOHM is characterized as an industry leading solution with the smallest energy consumption, alternative-energy-powering possibility, high hardware and wireless protection level, powerful 32-bit CPU.
  • Emcom Technology Inc. Roger Wang 7F, No 219 Sec 3 10488 Taipei Taiwan
    Phone: +886 2/27177766 Ext. 325 Fax: +886 2/27171800 Website: Link to map

    Emcom Technology Inc., established in 1975, has become a reliable and long-term manufacturer for a number of leading brands in the world. Emcom is devoted to providing innovation and quality on motion and presence sensors for lighting control for over 20 years and is now developing KNX presence detectors as well as lighting systems and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), controlled cost-effectively and intelligently on a demand basis for energy-saving management. Their R&D team consists of leading electronic and mechanical engineers, working closely with their clients to meet the needs of end users and get feedback from installers. Utilizing the latest information technology, Emcom ensures that its development engineers are able to introduce new products a step ahead of the industry.
  • EMU Electronic AG Hans-Martin Koller Jöchlerweg 2 6340 Baar Switzerland
    Phone: +41 415450300 Fax: +41 415450301 Website: Link to map

    EMU Electronic AG is a leading manufacturer for three-phase current meters, data loggers and energy monitoring systems. Their “EMU Professional” three-phase energy meters are available with a KNX, M-Bus, LON, Mod bus or TCP / IP interface. They offer their clients a complete solution from energy-meter data loggers – Energy monitoring portals to billing and a user-friendly app. Benefit from their free energy monitoring platform EMU Electronic AG is your partner for high quality energy meters and innovative energy monitoring solutions. Quality that pays – Made in Switzerland.
  • Enertex Bayern GmbH Michael Schuster Ebermannstädter Straße 8 91301 Forchheim Germany
    Phone: +49.91917339510 Fax: +49.91917339529 Website: Link to map

    Enertex® Bayern GmbH offers services for the development and production of industrial electronics, embedded software and electro-technical simulations. The company is certified to ISO 9001 to comply with their customers’ quality management in automatisation and electrical measurement, medical systems and power system engineering. For prototyping and production services they have in-house laboratories and equipment. They also offer circuit design and layout and the development of embedded software in-house.
  • enno electronics Co., Ltd. Lutao Zhang Ironmongers Place 30 E14 9YD London United Kingdom
    Phone: +44.2073997708 Fax: +86 2883329233 Website: Link to map

    ENNO is a technology innovation company focusing on smart home hardware. Their products are based on wall-mounted intelligent control panels, which can connect and control luminaries, curtains and air-conditioners in homes and public spaces like offices, hotels, etc. We are very dedicated to the KNX Standard and related products as it will greatly contribute to the continued growth of their business. The next level of the product development will show KNX-compliance.
  • EnOcean GmbH Andreas Schneider Kolpingring 18a 82041 Oberhaching Germany
    Phone: +49 89/673468935 Fax: +49 89/673468953 Website: Link to map

    EnOcean, with headquarters in Oberhaching (Munich), manufactures and markets wireless sensor solutions. These are based on miniaturized energy converters, ultra-low-power electronic circuitry and reliable wireless. Combining these elements enables EnOcean to offer sensor systems that are fundamental for energy-efficient buildings. Components from EnOcean are in use over 100,000 buildings worldwide. Products and systems enabled by EnOcean are easily integrated into current building automation systems through interfaces such as KNX. In this way effortless sustainable energy management concepts can be implemented.
  • EOS Saunatechnik GmbH Norbert Neumann Schneiderstriesch 1 35759 Driedorf Germany
    Phone: +49.277582173 Fax: +32.277582431 Website: Link to map

    (will be submitted)
  • Ergo3 Sàrl Rafael Fleury Dufourstrasse 18 2502 Biel/Bienne Switzerland
    Phone: +41.323254577 Website: Link to map

    Founded in 2008, ergo3 develops, produces and sells software tools and hardware for building automation systems in Switzerland and other markets. Related to their activities in Home and Building Control, ergo3 is specialized in easy-to-use, easy-to-install visualization and controls system. And thus, their intended product line related to KNX is myhomebox, which is a hardware and software tool for visualization and building control.
  • ESA elettronica S.p.A. Federico Varotti Padre Masciadri 4/A 22066 Mariano Comense (CO) Italy
    Phone: +39 031/757400 Fax: +39 031/751777 Website: Link to map

    ESA Elettronica is a world-class manufacturer of HMI and video terminals with proven experience in producing hardware and software. The new VISUALYSER family is a wide-range of home and building automation control panels that stand out immediately for their design and – once they are used – for their simplicity. ESA dedicates the same care to design as to performance, safety and functioning, providing easy and direct control of any kind of system, trouble-free interface personalization, along with remote notification and control.
  • Esylux GmbH Christoph Schmidt An der Strusbek 40 22926 Ahrensburg Germany
    Phone: +49 4102/4814153 Website: Link to map

    ESYLUX products are marketed throughout Europe. Their 40-year sales strategy is based on a 3-tiered model. The companies headquarter is based in Ahrensburg near Hamburg and they have been offering products for energy saving, safety and conveniences applications for years. ESYLUX offers motion detectors and presence sensors for every type of application for energy saving lighting control systems. Especially for state-of-the-art building automation system presence sensors with KNX interface have become more important to meet the increasingly more complex demands.
  • EUROtronic Technology GmbH Anita Laiske Südweg 1 36396 Steinau - Ulmbach Germany
    Phone: +49 666791847215 Fax: +49 66679184727 Website: Link to map

    The medium sized family company of EUROtronic has grown steadily since its foundation in May 1998 into a market leader in electronic radiator controllers. Products are manufactured in their own plants in Hessen. The aim is to develop and produce high quality products that also focus on being user friendly. Sophisticated technology and high quality products make them valuable helpers throughout the day at a good price/performance ratio. Great emphasis is placed on the latest technical standards to meet and comply with all safety and environmental regulations, and to ensure a long product life.
  • Eutelsat SA Roberto Bellucci rue Balard 70 75015 Paris France
    Phone: +33 1/53983949 Fax: +33 1/53983334 Website: Link to map

    With a capacity of no fewer than 27 satellites that provide coverage over the entire European continent – as well as the Middle East, Africa, India and significant parts of Asia and the Americas – Eutelsat is one of the world‘s three leading satellite operators in terms of revenues. In the framework of its R&D activities, in particular for M2M (machine to machine) new services development, KNX/ IP interconnection via satellite is investigated for remote sites monitoring and control.
  • Evaux David Hughes 3 Crayside, Five Arches Maidstone Road DA14 5AG London United Kingdom
    Phone: +44.2083020714 Website: Link to map

    Evaux is the creator of an extraordinarily beautiful range of KNX button panels and accessories. Features are optimised for luxury residential and hotel projects. Each button panel comprises a solid, precision engineered metal front plate which may be finished in a range of architectural coatings. From one to eight buttons may be specified in any of eight button positions. Button panels include accurate temperature and humidity measurement as standard. Ultra-high design values combined with a purist classic-contemporary style are the defining characteristics of Evaux.
  • EVN-Lichttechnik GmbH Marco Oedinger Zum Lichtblick 1-12 90610 Winkelhaid Germany
    Phone: +49 918797090 Fax: +49 9187970999 Website: Link to map

    EVN-Lichttechnik is a German company, which is active in the field of lighting technology. Their product range consists of various aluminum profiles, LED Strip Lights, LED panels and various light control techniques, etc. Their distribution caters to customers’ needs all over Germany.
  • EWTech (East West Technologies) Manouchehr Ghahramanian Golzar Altmühlstr. 12 93059 Regensburg Germany
    Phone: +49.1785503215 Website: Link to map

    Our products are born out of many years of experience of working closely with the best home and building automation open standard in the world, KNX.We specialize in offering the KNX system (behind the scene) components with the most competitive prices. Not every company is able to offer these and they are mandatory for each and every KNX installation. Those you need in your KNX projects!
  • Exor International S.p.A. Luca Grigoletti Via Monte Fiorino 9 37057 San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR) Italy
    Phone: +39 045/8750404 Fax: +39 045/8779023 Website: Link to map

    For 20 years, Exor has been a provider of operating and visualization systems for mechanical and plant engineering. Exor is a world leader on the touch panel market. This success is due to an ergonomic configuration software and the large number of communication activities. More than 160 different controllers can communicate with the Exor systems. Exor supports open field buses and manufacturer-specific protocols. More than 100 different product versions allow the user to choose the best hardware for the task. In 2006, the first operating systems for buildings, homes and the residential sector were developed. The communication in buildings is implemented with KNX and other systems. To create the graphical user interface, (GUI) Exor offers its own software that can be used platform-independently.
  • Extron Electronics Derek Joncas 1025 E Ball Rd CA 92805 Anaheim United States
    Phone: +1 7144911500 Website: Link to map

    Extron Electronics designs and manufactures AV components that work together to convert, switch and distribute signals, and control entire AV systems from a single interface. Their products enable effective communication in a variety of presentation environments, such as classrooms, boardrooms, houses of worship, lecture halls, and control centers. Today they have 30 offices worldwide, and back every product they make with uncompromising service, support, and solutions.
  • F.W. Oventrop KG Dirk Wundling Paul-Oventrop-Straße 1 59939 Olsberg Germany
    Phone: +49 29/6282-0 Fax: +49 29/6282400 Website: Link to map

    Oventrop is one of the leading European manufacturers of valves and controls for the Building Services Industry. The company is an expert partner to the stockists, consultants, contractors and industry. Oventrop offers its partners a long term beneficial relationship. The products are distributed all over the world by subsidiaries in European countries and representatives in other important countries. The Oventrop philosophy: To combine valves, controllers and other components for all sectors of the Building Services Industry in an economical, energy-saving and ecological system. Higher demands are defined by technical progress, the Energy Saving Directive and other legal regulations. Oventrop accepts the new challenge and offers high-quality solutions meeting those requirements.
  • Faradite Ltd Chris Turner Mount Hermon Road Faradite Ltd GU22 7TE Woking United Kingdom
    Phone: +44.2038568426 Website: Link to map

    Founded in 2016, Faradite Ltd specialises in smart home accessories with a signature range of contemporary capacitive smart switch plates. Based in the UK, their products are sensibly priced without compromising on design, quality or customer service. Their TAP-5 and TAP-1 switch plate ranges feature haptic vibration feedback giving a unique user experience, and the TAP range can be customised to suit bespoke user requirements. Faradite Ltd offers a new option for effortless smart home control.
  • FEELSMART GmbH Willian Vent Grothues 1 48351 Everswinkel Germany
    Phone: +49 2582 302 Fax: +49 02582 1013 Website: Link to map

    In the growth market of SmartHome, manufacturers and trades companies are constantly reaching the same limits. The industry does not use its full potential due to its half-knowledge, imprecise definitions and touch-ups - especially on the part of experts in planning and installation, there are unfortunately still deficits. Manufacturers, planners, specialist companies and end-users are still working very often together and are approaching the topic with very different ideas. FEELSMART. has the goal (manufacturers, wholesalers, contractors, architects, planners and finally builders) to unite fair and equal on a communication and planning platform and thus to eliminate market barriers.
  • Feidiao Electrical Appliances Group Co., Ltd. Chen Baishuang No. 288, Road Gangde, Songjiang District 201614 Shanghai China
    Phone: +86 2151519888 Fax: +86 2151519888 Website: Link to map

    Feidiao Electrical Appliances Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987. It has engaged in fields such as smart home furnishing, wall switches, lightings, PPR pipes, etc. They have become an integrated manufacturer of building hydropower systems that provides one-stop shopping and service platform for customers. The company holds strong production ability, an automatic production line in the domestic leading level, more than 200 engineering and R&D personnel. More than 200 patents have been successively obtained. Feidiao has been adhering to the management philosophy of "Five Continue" and strictly carries out all standards of the 1509001:2008 international quality management system and follows the objective to build green factories and takes the lead to pass the 15014001:2004 international standard constructions of environmental management systems.