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Start your KNX development.

How To Start?

The starting point is the KNX Specifications, which can be downloaded for free. 

What to Develop?


KNX Technology

Leading technology for smart homes & buildings

Source: Redfish Pty Ltd -
Source: Redfish Pty Ltd -

KNX Devices

KNX certified devices based on the KNX



ETS Apps

Extensions to the well-known ETS software

KNX Association support

KNX Members, in addition to having access to the tools required for developing KNX Devices, KNX IoT and ETS Apps, will be informed on a regular basis about the latest technological news that concern to the industry. The trimestral Technology eNews is sent to Product Managers, Certification Coordinators, Hardware Developers and Software Developers from all the members of the KNX Association. In addition to this, special Webinars and events are organised exclusively for KNX Members.